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Travel for Less

The Home Stretch

I’m almost done with my NaNoWriMo novel. So…. no Suzie’s House this week. I’ll have one for you next week,


Woman Down

I’m attempting to blog from a $50 tablet. All my other computers have broken down. If your blog requires a password to leave a comment, it could be a while before I get back to you.

Sorry. No Suzie’s House this week. I’ll resume blogging as soon as I can.

If anyone knows Anastasia please tell her I will be unable to do her son’s taxes. Can’t get into my email.

Don’t expect email replies. It could be a while before I get this message straightened out.


Melt Down

Not getting through to me? I blame Bluehost. I’m trying to get it fixed, but this could take a while.


Full Cycle

There are times when right can not be made.
Petty injustices trail a trivial edge along the wall
of indifferent ineptitude.
Cords break, mechanics fail, great endeavors
leave a wreckage of humility in their wake.

There are times.
It feels personal. The world must surly be out to get you.
Yet there are no conspiracies.
It is merely your timing off.
The wheel of fortune has turned
just enough to show how bad things could really get.

Ride it out. In time, your visions will clear.
Simple things become simple again.
Easy things bring ease.
Your chance to redeem yourself comes
and you can once again hold your head high.

The Hub: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Photo credit: Rachel Bjerke


Galen Haynes

There was this guy, a tough biker dude with an incredible heart of gold. Yeah, it’s a stereotype, but some people pull it off, and he was one.

He had a way of bringing people together. Like the consummate host, he’d come up with something nice to say to anyone and everyone, but he did it with a biker’s kick-ass sensibility. It came across as warm and genuine. Especially since he’d let you know if you totally went off the deep end.

Kick-ass was probably his favorite phrase. It really fit him. Even with the gray of age creeping up on him, he rocked. He had a great sense of humor and an infectious joi de vivre.
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I updated both WordPress and Atahualpa. Apparently I should not have. As you see, I’ve had a bit of a melt down where my header is concerned. I’ve already been working on it for a day with no solutions in sight. I couldn’t even get a widget set up that would give you access to my pages. So for the time being, please accept this:

Welcome page:
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Hopefully I’ll get it squared away soon.


The Serialists of Nov 20th

Featured Author: Ann Pino, who is rocking the Rockies with an apocalyptic holiday.

This is the hub for The Serialists, a meme for people who post original, serialized fiction on their blogs. If you have one or more posts you would like for us to read, please put the direct link(s) to the post(s) in the linky. Remember to visit one another and comment. We all want to hear from our readers.


13 Outfits

First off, I apologize for the picture quality on a lot of these shots. When I took them, I was more interested in research than in how it would look. Especially in the museums I didn’t have the best lighting to work with.

1. Some of the historical outfits could be pretty elaborate. This was for the wife of an administrator. The administrator was almost as elaborate, the main difference being the beads across the face from the hat.

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No Jack and Jill this week. I’m at a convention. See you Monday.


Guest Blogging Icarus

April Snow I’m a guest blogger! Actually, I did a bunch of guest blogs when Moving In first came out, but I haven’t been real active since. This time I’m talking about Icarus, his accident, and his accidents, if you know what I mean. 🙂 You can read all about him and see a new picture of him or two at Underneath The Shell.

In other news, I’ve once again gone from green grass to snow. Sigh. I don’t think this is quite what they meant by April showers.


13 Things I Might Not Get Done

“Tis the season, but you’d never know it from my household. I’m not the only one who just isn’t into the season. No one else in the house is interested either. What I haven’t gotten done so far;

1. Put up decorations. It isn’t looking good for this year. They are still all out in the storage unit, and no one has expressed any interest in going to get them.

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I’m on an ancient laptop right now. It’s not letting me in to comment on some blogs due to password issues. I’ll get it cleared and let you know I visited as soon as I can.


Get Well Soon, G-Man

Galen has been sick for three weeks now. I don’t know what happened, but it involves many antibiotics and a hospital stay. I went ahead and did Fiction Friday 55s the last two weeks, but I just don’t have it in me this week. I’m hoping for his full recovery soon.


Welcome Graffiti

It’s been cold and rainy for weeks. Highs in the 60’s. I’m tired of hearing the furnace run. Still, some people managed to get down the the graffiti wall and do their thing.


Country Boots

Is it just me, or is there something seriously weird about this? I find myself morbidly fascinated.