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Ugh. Microsoft

Need I say more?

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A Totally Random 13

1. Can I count the picture? It’s a random shot from the window of the bus while on my trip to Indonesia nearly two years ago.

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Daylight Savings


Did it catch anyone else by surprise?


Post Op Week 4

I’m doing fine. Still not real comfortable sitting at my desk for long periods of time, and no where near ready to crawl around on the floor for craft projects, but sleeping through the night and not hurting much.

I find it a bit ironic that my handicap parking permit should arrive just as I’m reaching the point where I’m fairly confident about shopping on my own two feet. Pr-op, when I could barely stand to stand because of all the pain I had to walk the extra distance because I didn’t have the permit.

in physical therapy I’m doing stuff like several minutes of sidesteps while trying to keep my hips level. I stood on one leg in a particular position until I started shaking. I did deep knee bends while holding a balance bar. And I rode the exercise bicycle for ten minutes. Go me!

After an extensive search, I gave up on the trekking poles. At least temporarily. I went for a walk around the block. Only did it once, but I’m counting it as a break through. Yesterday it snowed again, leaving the pavement slick; so it will probably be a while before I try it again.

I’ve got parts for a couple of exercise oriented projects, and the green light to use my Norktrak. Now it’s just a matter of using them.

Totally Random Picture – Western Montana on the way to Yellowstone.


Hip Precautions

Until the muscles and tendons around my new, mechanical hip have mellowed out, I’m supposed to be very careful to avoid certain positions. Those positions are, specifically, never let the chest and knee get closer than ninety degrees. Never point the toes inward. Never let the knees get close, let alone cross. And never twist the hips around to look behind you.

1. 90 Degrees? Piece of cake. The arthritis hasn’t let me get my knee up any higher than that in years. Or so I thought. I went past it just by lifting my knee while reclining in the recliner. I really had no idea it would be such a sharp angle. I no longer feel the jab of pain in the front. It’s more a sense of strain and impending disaster in the back.

2. I’ve broken the pigeon toe precaution nearly every morning since the surgery. I wake up to find my foot has been flopped over that direction for who knows how long. It seems to be a natural position. But I can feel the strain in my hip.

3. Walking to the bathroom is treacherous. It takes five turns to get there, each one a chance to go pigeon toed.

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13 Not Really All That Gruesome Details

150814n 127

I had a total hip replacement. If you’re squeamish or easily bored by medical talk, then this is a good place to stop reading.

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Taken right after Thanksgiving while on the way to Yellowstone.


Return of Internet

I lost internet access for a few days last week. Frankly it’s been poor for a long time. I’ve replaced my router and modem so many times.

Like in the past, my signal just deteriorated badly. It seemed it would come back for a few minutes when I called the ISP tech support. I’d get a solid connection, feel silly for calling, and hang up. Over and over.

Eventually the tech support was fast enough to actually “help” me. They guided me through a reset that failed.

Where I had been able to get online for a few minutes an hour before, I suddenly wasn’t able to connect at all. I felt like they broke my system.

They sent out a technician the next morning. Turned out the problem with that the cable in the alley – the whole length of the alley! – was messed up. They replaced it, fixed the reset issue, and now I’ve got a great connection.

All in time for the weekend when I don’t generally blog. It just figures.


13 Words

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Guess who is trying to come up with a Thursday Thirteen after bad time?

1. National
2. Novel
3. Writing
4. Month
5. is
6. in
7 November.
8. How
9. many
10. words
11. have
12. you
13. written?

I’m up to 40,000 already. It’s one of my better noveling years. The photo is from dolphin chasing in Bali.


10 Years

150811n 535

I missed my ten-year blog anniversary. It came and went last September. I didn’t notice.

A lot has changed in ten years. Back then I lived in a different city, though still Western Montana. My kids were in grade school. My world revolved around parent teacher meetings, cooking, cleaning, and this newfangled thing called the internet.

Avon – the publisher, not the location – held a contest for new authors. I participated in that contest. It is still vivid in my mind. Most of my early posts were about it.

Within a few months I started the serial Suzie’s House. That means I’ve been at it for nearly ten years now. In fact, I’ll be posting another one the day after tomorrow.

Since then I’ve greatly increased the number of times I post about my travels and decreased the amount of writing talk. I totally dropped the recipes and homespun posts. And Jack and Jill died and ignoble death.

I’ve still got my eye on the future, and still intend to blog, though many, many of my blogging buddies have fallen away. Maybe in another ten years I’ll have a blog anniversary that I will remember.


The Lap of Luxury

150809n 975

The Girl is moving out! She signed her first rental agreement and is loading up her boxes. In a matter of mere…. Well, whenever she gets around to it. Considering the disaster area she calls a bedroom it could be a while.

She tells me it looks worse than it is because of the packing process. I’m pretty sure there aren’t even available paths to get around. As the the pet spiders she was raising under her bed, I’d rather not think about it.

Isn’t it a little odd for someone with arachnophobia to be naming the critters? Well, as soon as her stuff is out I’ll clear them out. It’ll probably be a lot easier than it was getting her to move out.

I’m looking forward to taking over the room for my office. She’s got the best room in the house! I’ve been making plans for months.

Meanwhile she’s going to a much swankier place. It has a gas fireplace and a both a bathroom and a kitchen to put mine to shame.

Still, I’ll happily settle for her southern exposure.


Back to School

150814n 099
The totally random picture above is a bus stop on Rinca Island. It reminded me of the shelters built by ranchers for their children to wait in for a school bus.

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Friday Plan

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Last week I mentioned I was thinking about making some new plans for my Friday posts. Only two people commented, and the poll thingy isn’t working right. One said she liked my photo and saw lots of potential in it. The other that he’d love to see Fiction Friday 55 brought back, or I could post anything I wanted.

After thinking about it, I decided to simply substitute my own pictures and do a story of 100 words or less on those occasions when I just can’t think of anything to go with the pictures provided by Friday Fictioneers.

Um…. starting next week. 🙂

As to the Totally Random Photo above, it’s an extra from Ulan Danu Bratan Temple


Friday Fictioneers Poll

150806n 686

Most of you know already that I participate in a blog hop called Friday Fictioneers. The challenge is to write a short story based on the picture they provide in 100 words.

The hubmaster for the hop is currently occupied with promoting her books and getting the next one out. She does not feel she has the time to produce a new story each week. As a result she is re-running old pictures and the stories she wrote to go with them.

That was fine with me until we started getting into old pictures that I had already written stories for. I find I am… uninspired.

That leaves me with a decision to make. I’d love your help in making it.

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Forest Fire Season

Forest Fire Season has already begun.  Who knew?

Apparently the fires started to the East of me.  Normally the wind will blow them further East along with the jet stream, so it isn’t too surprising I hadn’t noticed the smoke building up in the valley.  The surprising and scary part is that the fires started in February.

It seems the central part of Montana had an unusually warm and dry winter.  50 deg. F in the middle of February?  Yeah – too warm!  I’m just praying it won’t break any more records in the next few months.  Not that kind anyway.

As to the Totally Random Picture above – It was taken in Java while walking around on a volcano we couldn’t see for all the ash in the air.  I was trying to capture the butterfly.