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13 more musicians or groups I want to keep track of

1. Blackfield

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13 New To Me Bands/Musicians

Recently I’ve been discovering bands and musicians I really like that turn out to have been around for a while. Sometimes quite a while. It reminds me of when a friend discovered Pink Floyd about ten years ago. How did I miss these guys the first time around?

Some haven’t been around all that long, but clearly a lot of people already know about them.

1. Dave Navarro

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13 Music Videos 10

Stuff I just found.


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13 Songs on my MP3 Player


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13 Lyics

I could swear this is what they sang, but I guess not.

ET by Katy Perry

I could swear: “Treacherous-trial”
What they say: “Extra terrestrial”

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13 Songstresses I Like


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I Want One


13 Really Weird Instruments

Some of my musical instruments are a little different than you normally run into. For instance, but Bull Roar caught Country Dew‘s attention. She left a link to a video showing a bunch of them playing. This lead me to some other interesting instruments.


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13 Bands New to Me

People keep introducing me to new music. It’s been quite an education for me this year.

1. Novroz introduced me to LArc~en~Ciel. You can learn a lot more about them from Novroz

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13 from the Youtube Click Game

Having the first video on my blog was too tempting. I ended up clicking.


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The Drop.

Jack: Darling, what is this you’re watching?

Jill: It’s called Dubstep, I guess.

Jack: Sounds weird.

Jill: Oh, you mean that electronic part? They call that The Drop. It’s all right I guess, but what I like is the way that guy dances.

Jack: (muttering) I could do that if I wanted to.

Jill: Oh really? Prove it.

Jack: All right. Check this out.

Jill: Eeek!

Jack: Oops.

Jill: Was that on purpose?

Jack: Oh, just drop it.

Today’s themes are Drop
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To see who else is playing go to:
Whistle Stop Photohunt


Country Boots

Is it just me, or is there something seriously weird about this? I find myself morbidly fascinated.


13 Holiday Wishes



funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our Socially Awkward Penguin lolz!

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13 Songs

These are all songs I listened to while writing my NaNo book. Yep, I’m still at it.

1. Not Strong Enough by Apocalyptica

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13 Songs

Now and then I like to go over to YouTube and just click around to see where I might end up. You know how they have those videos in the right sidebar? I’ll click on those at the end of each video to see what else might pop up. This is one of those sessions

1. From the “Browse” screen

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