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Godafoss Waterfall

Godafoss aka Waterfall of the Gods got it’s name when one of the Iceland’s parliament members threw his Norse god statues into the waterfall to show his devotion when Christianity was adopted as the official religion in 1000. It is glacier run off that falls 40 feet to pool.

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Icelandic Horses

We spent much of the middle of the day at a ranch. I’m not sure if they make more money from selling their horses to points all around the world, or taking in tourists. They certainly had a practiced set up.

First we ate lunch, which consisted of the usual fair – salad bar, great bread, soup, and sliced meat. We were told the meat was horse, but it tasted just like beef. Yes, I am the kind of person who could happily eat Flicka.

We were then herded out onto the porch which was in the process of being converted into bleachers to watch the show. They brought out three horses and literally put them through their paces – running them around a track over and over.
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Waterfall and Rainbow

We made another stop not long after we left the Erik the Red Museum. At first it wasn’t much to look at. This wasn’t in the printed itinerary, but was well worth the stop. As to what it’s called? This was the last sign (Below) I saw before we reached it. Your guess is as good as mine.

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13 Trees

Part of my annual effort to make our own gift labels.

Merry Christmas!


Erik the Red Museum

We started the day with a visit to the Erik the Red Museum, which consisted of three small buildings – a shop, a pitstop with attached informational kiosk, and a reproduction of the turf house where Erik the Red, also known as Erik Thorvaldsson, once lived. Or rather, this was one of many places where Erik Thorvaldsson lived.

His claim to fame is in colonizing Greenland. That and having fathered Leif Erikson. I’ll get back to all that in a minute.

As soon as we’d all made use of the facilities, we headed into the turf house. There a young man in traditional garb armed with props, a heavy accent, and lots of one-line jokes greeted us. We sat around the long fire pit on the reproduction beds and listened to Erik’s story.

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Snaefellsness Peninsula

Time for a quick review of “Day 4” of my Iceland trip. We drove from our hotel in Stykkisholmur to the end of the peninsula then back to the hotel.

I’m not sure where on the map the beach is. I got the guide to show me twice but I hadn’t packed a highlighter (that is most certainly going on the packing list in the future) and had to borrow. Unluckily neither a bar nor a bus is a good place to highlight maps. Anyway, I’m guessing the beach was about half way to the end of the peninsula along the southern edge. We went to the tip, looped toward the North at the tip, then dropped back to the Southern road to return to the hotel. The peninsula is 48 miles long. So with backtracking and looping around and such we probably went about 100 miles for the day.

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A Winner

Of course that does not mean I’m done. It just means I did 50,000 words this month so far. So, what now?

1. Finish the plot line. I’m in the middle of the climax now. I should be able to finish the book in the next few days.

2. Take a moment to appreciate the fact that I have written at least one new rough draft every year since 2000. Before that I’d never actually finished even the rough draft on any of my novel attempts. I kept trying to revise as I went.

3. Get back to revising BSH.

4. Vacuum the living room. No more excuses for putting it off.

5. Send out the wish lists I promised to compile.

6. Get more exercise.

7. Get some more vacation pix ready so I can post about Iceland again.

8. Make some gift bags.

9. Muck out my office.

10. Pay some bills.

11. Buy some gifts

12. Pack.

13. Go home for Christmas.


To Do List

150806n 811

1. Come up with this list. 🙂

2. Write 2,000 words tonight. These don’t count,

3. Delete my Photobucket account and every link related to it.

4. Make some gift bags. What do you mean it’s too early for Christmas?

5. Run the dishwasher.

6. Come up with a cord that will make my new-to-me washer/dryer set plug into the wall.

7. Test run the machines.

8. Do three weeks worth of backed up laundry.

9. Put shelves in the laundry room to make up for lost floor space.

10. Put everything piled up in the living room back in the laundry room.

11. Clean the house in preparation for Thanksgiving.

12. Buy a turkey

13. Write another 2,000 words.


13 Sentences

150811n 533

The last lines I wrote in my NaNo book tonight:

“The point is, I haven’t found people to be particularly trustworthy.”

“Too late to keep it from me.” She grinned at him, pleased with her logic. “I haven’t been bad so far, have I?”

“But that’s always the way with humans. You act all nice at first. Then you do something horrible!”

“I promise, I will not do anything horrible.” She let her irritation show. “I’m just a girl. What can I do?” Mentally she disregarded the possibility of launching her entire army to hunt him down and kill him.


13 Things I Should Know by Now

It’s November! You can guess what I’m doing now. Yep. NaNo. And of course I am completely unprepared. This stuff always goes better when I have something like an outline to work with. I have my spreadsheet set up, but so far, I’ve only put in one line.

1. I do actually know what the book is about. Sort of. It was a serial I made up as part of our bedtime routine when the kids were little. Now if I can just remember how it goes.

2. What did I name the dragon after the witch turned him human? I could swear there was a name change.

3. How did she turn him human?

4. Why did he go looking for the princess? Seemed like it wasn’t a direct thing.

5. What were the three tasks he had to do to get his dragon body back?

6. What was the ocean about? Did he drowned? I can’t remember.

7. How did he get out of the dungeons?

8. Who threw him in? It seems like it was a pretty dramatic scene, but neither I nor the kids can remember just how it went.

9. Why did he get so mad after he got turned into a human?

10. How did this thing end again?

11. What was that about the slipper? I know it was important, but surely it wasn’t really so much like Cinderella.

12. Why did I think this thing was so good?

13. Why do the kids still think it was good even though none of us can quite remember how it went?


Eating Greenland Shark

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13 Leaves

Ok, so maybe it’s a bit more than 13. My eyes blur when I try to count. As to the ones in the background, they don’t count at all, do they? What amazes me is that there are still so many leaves on the tree when so many more are already on the ground. They are like pretty snowdrifts on my sidewalk. Now where did I put my rake?


Icelandic Music

I’ve been playing with youtube playlists lately.  I made myself one of Icelandic musicians. Here are a few from the list.


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Hike from Arnarstapi to Hellnar along the coast – the Hellnar End

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13 Pros and Cons of Traveling with OAT

OAT stands for Overseas Adventure Travel. They are fairly well named, as they will take you on adventures overseas. They were the ones I went to Mongolia, Indonesia, and Iceland with.

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