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Things I Wanted to Do

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Just a quick look back at a previous post.

1. I can’t say I’ve really gotten back to blogging, but I’ve gotten better. 🙂

2 I’m still sitting around in the living room, but that is partly because I’m nursing a concussion. Moving gives me a headache.

3. I’ve taken little nibbles at the computer issues. I’m still not fully functional, but getting closer.

4. Motivation has been creeping up on me. Maybe I don’t really need to worry about my lack of it.

5. My reading has returned to normal levels.

6. I haven’t gotten much work done, but I’ve been trying. Kind of the revers of what I was after.

7. Gained weight rather than losing.

8. Still haven’t got the cell phone set up.

9. Been eating chocolate. Probably why I’m not losing weight.

10. Gifts are shipped! Now I have a couple of cards to come up with, but otherwise free and clear.

11. Got The Boy to fix my bicycle. Yay! Been riding, but now holding off until concussion goes away.

12. Never enough sleep.

13. I’m unsuccessful in getting nothing done. I’m counting that as a good thing.


A Random 13

1 I
2 can
3 at
4 least
5 come
6 up
7 with
8 this
9 many
10 words
11 if
12 I
13 try

Totally Random Picture – Jakarta highway.


Things I Want To Do

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1. Get back to blogging

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13 more musicians or groups I want to keep track of

1. Blackfield

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A Totally Random 13

1. Can I count the picture? It’s a random shot from the window of the bus while on my trip to Indonesia nearly two years ago.

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I’ve gained weight. It’s not all swelling in the legs. Maybe I should go back on my diet. 13 things I’ve eaten today:

1. broccoli – fresh crowns
2. chocolate
3. pork chop
4. yam
5. cereal
6. chocolate
7. peanuts
8. tea
9. bread
10. peach jam
11. banana
12. chicken soup
13. chocolate

Yep, the only old food allergy still bothering me is pineapple. If I don’t get a grip, they’ll be back.


13 Things

My desk is upstairs in an office with no comfortable places to rest. I’m just not spending much time there right now. Instead, I’ve taken over a corner of the living room with the recliner. Here’s what’s accumulated

1. A comforter that covers me most of the time.
2. A trash can
3. A bottle of water
4. A jug of water for refills
5. My cell phone
6. A borrowed book – half read
7. A laptop
8. Another laptop
9. A tablet that I planned on setting up but haven’t finished yet
10. My wallet
11. A basket full of bottles of pills
12. A basket of snacks
12. A basket for dirty dishes

Mostly Random Picture – from the Jack and Jill archives. They’re in a recliner.


Hip Precautions

Until the muscles and tendons around my new, mechanical hip have mellowed out, I’m supposed to be very careful to avoid certain positions. Those positions are, specifically, never let the chest and knee get closer than ninety degrees. Never point the toes inward. Never let the knees get close, let alone cross. And never twist the hips around to look behind you.

1. 90 Degrees? Piece of cake. The arthritis hasn’t let me get my knee up any higher than that in years. Or so I thought. I went past it just by lifting my knee while reclining in the recliner. I really had no idea it would be such a sharp angle. I no longer feel the jab of pain in the front. It’s more a sense of strain and impending disaster in the back.

2. I’ve broken the pigeon toe precaution nearly every morning since the surgery. I wake up to find my foot has been flopped over that direction for who knows how long. It seems to be a natural position. But I can feel the strain in my hip.

3. Walking to the bathroom is treacherous. It takes five turns to get there, each one a chance to go pigeon toed.

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13 Not Really All That Gruesome Details

150814n 127

I had a total hip replacement. If you’re squeamish or easily bored by medical talk, then this is a good place to stop reading.

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13 Friday Fictioneers Posts

I’ve been participating in the blog hop called Friday Fictioneers since April of 2014.  The idea is to write a story of 100 words based in the provided pictures.  A few have piled up.  These are ones that don’t use a particular cast of characters.

1.  Celebration

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You know it’s going to be a rough winter when:

1. The cats get cabin fever in January.
2. The snow piles up enough on the car roof to make it dent.
3. Your family has a total of four vehicles, and not a single one will turn over.
4. The furnace repairman snaps at you when you call just because he’s tired.
5. Two layers of pants is normal.
6. People brag about how many layers they are wearing on top.
7. The clutch crunches when you try to start the car.
8. The cats voluntarily crawl into your lap to warm their feet.
9. A bucket of water carelessly placed by the back door freezes over in a couple of hours.
10. You can’t read books depicting Winter because they make you shiver.
11. A heated restaurant makes you break out in a sweat.
12. You go to a movie theater to warm up.
13. Sunshine makes you shiver.


Cabo San Lucas Pix

I’m trying to organize my travel posts for easier access. Right now I’m working on my two trips to Cabo San Lucas. When I did the posts, I was participating in a blog challenge called 365. You were supposed to post a photo every day. A lot of my Cabo posts were nothing more than a photo. Here I’m bringing some of them together so people interested in the trip don’t have to click on a dozen posts just to see them.

13/365 Find the Boat

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New Years Resolutions

I actually started my New Years resolutions a month ago. Sometimes resolve takes more than a year to bear fruit.

1. Write for at least an hour every day
2. Get more exercise
3. Do more sewing
4. Eat more fruit
5. Eat less fat
6. Deal with my left hip
7. Get a new car
8. Stay on top of my finances
9. Not procrastinate
10. Be more affectionate
11. Fix up this blog
12. Lose thirty pounds
13. Get my kids to be more self reliant


13 Days of Christmas

13. Thirteen bloggers blogging. 🙂



It started off with a search for images to use on labels for gift wrap. We have a large collection of decorative cloth bags for wrapping Christmas gifts. Not only is it more ecological, it’s quicker and easier to grab a bag. Unluckily, the sticky labels I usually get at the store wont stay on. I need the kind of card stock with a hole type, but either can’t find them or they are ridiculously expensive. So I make my own.

I’ve been using the same ones for years now. I got tired of them, and decided to google for something fresh. I got distracted.

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