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Travel for Less

Merry Xmas 2017



Overseas Adventure Travel.

Often called “oat” by the tour guides and tourists, Overseas Adventure Travel is the company that I have been traveling with for the last few years on my overseas adventures. In other words, I went to Mongolia, Indonesia, and Iceland with them, but not Belize, Canada, or Mexico.

Would you like to go? Really? If you use the coupon code for a discount from my sidebar, then I will get credit good toward future trips. Added to the credit I’ve piled up from having gone on previous trips, in a decade or so I might be able to go on one for free. Yipeee!

Don’t expect my posts to change, though. I’d rather forgo a free trip than skip a chance to complain. 🙂

So here’s how it works. If you mention my referral number – 1940244 – then you will get a nice little discount and I will get the credit. Tell them Alice sent you.

At the moment, the discount they are offering is $200. You have to book your trip by 10/6/17 for one of the trips they are offering in 2018 to qualify. The discount code is SEPT200. So far they have sent me a flier for this kind of offer about four times a year. As soon as I get a new one, I’ll post it for you.

You can check out what kinds of trips are available here.


best laid plans

Yeah, Suzie’s House will be posting on Mondays starting NEXT Monday. Today I’ll work on dealing with the graphics issue that Photobucket just dumped on me.


Gone, But Not Too Long

I’m traveling! I’ll let you know all about it in July. I’ll get back to things like Suzie’s House and Thursday Thirteen then.


Up But Busy


I broke down and bought a new computer. I’m already regretting it. The keyboard is too small. I keep stumbling over my own fingers. Passwords are still a major problem. There are certain email accounts i can’t get into at all. And I discovered that not all USB ports are made alike. My new one is also the charging port. That means I better have a full battery before i do half of what i want to because I can’t do it and recharge at the same time.

Of course I would try to do this during one of my busy seasons. Ugh. Anyway, one more week, and then Hell or high water I will be back


Still Down

I’m still having computer problems.

It started with a laptop that was in my lap and actively working when it died. It made the stereotypical “Peeeewwww” sound and the monitor shut down and that was the total end of it. I couldn’t get it to turn on again. I handed it off to The Boy and moved on.

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Woman Down

I’m attempting to blog from a $50 tablet. All my other computers have broken down. If your blog requires a password to leave a comment, it could be a while before I get back to you.

Sorry. No Suzie’s House this week. I’ll resume blogging as soon as I can.

If anyone knows Anastasia please tell her I will be unable to do her son’s taxes. Can’t get into my email.

Don’t expect email replies. It could be a while before I get this message straightened out.


Still out to lunch

Just saying. There won’t be a Suzie’s House next week either, due to doctors appointments. Wait. Is today Wednesday?


All Quiet on the Western Font

150809n 848

You probably won’t be hearing much from me for the next few days. I just went in to get a hip replaced.


Chinese New Year


Happy New Year


Merry Christmas


Election Day

I’m sorry about Suzie’s House. I’m just not up to it today.


What Gives?

150815n 123

I’m busy with work. I’m going to lay off the blogging for a few days. I’ll visit everyone who comments, but won’t post until next Monday.


Friday Plan

150809n 378

Last week I mentioned I was thinking about making some new plans for my Friday posts. Only two people commented, and the poll thingy isn’t working right. One said she liked my photo and saw lots of potential in it. The other that he’d love to see Fiction Friday 55 brought back, or I could post anything I wanted.

After thinking about it, I decided to simply substitute my own pictures and do a story of 100 words or less on those occasions when I just can’t think of anything to go with the pictures provided by Friday Fictioneers.

Um…. starting next week. 🙂

As to the Totally Random Photo above, it’s an extra from Ulan Danu Bratan Temple