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13 Things I Should Know by Now

It’s November! You can guess what I’m doing now. Yep. NaNo. And of course I am completely unprepared. This stuff always goes better when I have something like an outline to work with. I have my spreadsheet set up, but so far, I’ve only put in one line.

1. I do actually know what the book is about. Sort of. It was a serial I made up as part of our bedtime routine when the kids were little. Now if I can just remember how it goes.

2. What did I name the dragon after the witch turned him human? I could swear there was a name change.

3. How did she turn him human?

4. Why did he go looking for the princess? Seemed like it wasn’t a direct thing.

5. What were the three tasks he had to do to get his dragon body back?

6. What was the ocean about? Did he drowned? I can’t remember.

7. How did he get out of the dungeons?

8. Who threw him in? It seems like it was a pretty dramatic scene, but neither I nor the kids can remember just how it went.

9. Why did he get so mad after he got turned into a human?

10. How did this thing end again?

11. What was that about the slipper? I know it was important, but surely it wasn’t really so much like Cinderella.

12. Why did I think this thing was so good?

13. Why do the kids still think it was good even though none of us can quite remember how it went?



The vase shattered. Ruth was so sure of her grip, and yet the evidence was irrefutable. She rubbed her arthritic old hands thoughtfully.

“Oh no! How horrible!” Inga scuttled out of the kitchen. “Don’t move! I’ll get that cleaned up right away.” The maid brought a broom.

Ruth considered how long she could hold off before putting out another one of Ted’s ugly vases and how soon she should call the doctor. Ruth bit her lip.

“No need to be so upset. It’s just a vase. I don’t know why you want all these things anyway.”

“I’m just a material girl.” Ruth smiled sweetly.

The Challenge: Write a story in 100 words or less
The Challenger (Hub): Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
The Photo Credit: Sarah Ann Hall

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