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Graceling by Kristin Cashore Chapter 24 part 7

Katsa looked at this child who barely came up to her chest, Poes sleeves hanging almost to the girls knees, her eyes and nose big under the hood, too big for her little face her voice a squeak but a calmness in her manner, a certainly, as she recommended her father’s murder.

Location 7:23:23 on which is pretty close to the end of the audio book. For the record, he deserves it.

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Suzie’s House 516 : No Excuses

“Please tell me the tea you’ve been feeding me isn’t actually toxic.” Drew made himself stay upright though he felt like he’d been sucker punched. He forced his feet into the den where Trent and Sonoma had been arguing. But as soon as he drew even with the straight back chair against the wall, he slumped into it.

“Even water is toxic if you get enough of it.” Trent said.

“You would say that.” If it had been Sonoma saying it, Drew might have lost his grip. Being Trent just annoyed him. “Always backing your wife even when you were arguing with her a minute ago.”

“Drew.” Sonoma rushed forward, completely ignoring their byplay. “I am so very sorry.”

She tried to grab his hands, but he wasn’t having any of it. She glanced down, and he thought if she’d been twenty years younger, she probably would have gone down on her knees to beg his forgiveness.

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