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Snaefellsness Peninsula

Time for a quick review of “Day 4” of my Iceland trip. We drove from our hotel in Stykkisholmur to the end of the peninsula then back to the hotel.

I’m not sure where on the map the beach is. I got the guide to show me twice but I hadn’t packed a highlighter (that is most certainly going on the packing list in the future) and had to borrow. Unluckily neither a bar nor a bus is a good place to highlight maps. Anyway, I’m guessing the beach was about half way to the end of the peninsula along the southern edge. We went to the tip, looped toward the North at the tip, then dropped back to the Southern road to return to the hotel. The peninsula is 48 miles long. So with backtracking and looping around and such we probably went about 100 miles for the day.

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Well, What Do You Know?

Ken sneaked up while Marge flipped through the print out of accounts receivables. Sometimes her job at the Bitterroot Mercantile felt like charity work. If they weren’t distant relations, there’s no way she’d go through all this for Ken.

“Hey, where was that one taken?” He pointed at her monitor where her personal photo screensaver rolled. “Must be a Hollywood set. I mean, really – ice on the trees but the grass is so green? How stupid do they think we are?”

“That was taken out front yesterday, Ken.” She said nothing about stupidity.

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