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A Random 13

1. Per usual, I’ve messed up my diurnal rhythms.

2. I worked exactly 12 hours yesterday on a temp job.

3. This is on top of working for a few months on a sales project.

4. When ever I’ve been really busy it takes me a while to get a grip on my day.

5. Napping doesn’t really help with the diurnal rhythms thing.

6. I need to clean my office.

7. It’s gotten so messy I’m not sure where to start.

8. I’m thinking of shelving.

9. I need lumber

10. I need a place to put lumber

11. I need to clean my office so I can find the manual on my table saw.

12. I’m glad I have a while in which to do it all.

13. And I’m thinking again I might make some more changes to this blog.


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