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A Car Accident. Sort Of


I got a mild concussion from my car. It wasn’t the kind of collision you might imagine. It was the back hatch with rotten pistons crashing down on my poor unprotected head.

It was stupid. I knew the stick holding the hatch up was vulnerable. I knew the load was too wide. I even knew just how ridiculously heavy that hatch door is. Still, I tried to get the central support for a new racking system out of the back by myself over The Boy’s protest.

The sucker clobbered me in the hairline right over my forehead. Though the goose egg that rose is still huge a week later, you can hardly see it. Maybe that’s why my family hadn’t been gentle with me at all.

Not until a few days ago when the swelling finally moved down out of my forehead and into my eyes, which promptly turned dark black with hints of blue and green.

Each day I watch the injury move down and spread. My forehead was only puffy for days. When it went down my left eye filled with black and blue then over flowed and is now wending streaks down my left cheek. My right eye took only a little color, then moved promptly to my left cheek, which swoll a little before turning colorful.

I went grocery shopping a few nights ago. I got quite the collection of horrified looks, but no one bothered to ask what was wrong.

Ok, so that’s the external. Now for the internal. The accident took place around ten pm. I made myself stay away until well after midnight, then decided that had to count as normal fatigue and went to bed.

The headache didn’t start until the next day. It’s never all that bad. Just a little nagging pain that crops up every time I move around, bend over, or press on the goose egg. The occasional vertigo isn’t all that severe either. But it’s enough to tell me to take it easy for a while.

Too bad I’m going on another big trip in a few weeks.


8 comments to A Car Accident. Sort Of

  • Oh no. That’s really awful.

    I’m sort of an expert on bruises (I have very low platelets, which means I bruise easily). The bruise around your eye that didn’t show up for days is bad stuff.

    I hope you continue to get better.

  • Kellye

    Dang, Alice! Do try to take care of yourself! Head injuries of any sort can be nasty things.

  • OUCH! So sorry I missed seeing this sooner. As you may have noticed, I haven’t had a lot of computer time lately, which is why I had to drop out of T13 the last few months. Just don’t have the time to get around to everyone right now.

    Anyway, I hope your head is better. One of my bosses recently had an accident at the health club in which he too suffered concussion, as well as weeks of headaches. He slipped in the steam room and ended up with ten staples in the top of his head and several stitches in the back. Luckily, he is much better now and preparing for a trip to Canada.

  • Oh, and if it makes you feel better — I once suffered a mild concussion from a car trunk. Ended up with a tender head and a headache the rest of the night, but thankfully nothing major or requiring stitches.

  • Yikes! Looks like you were in a bar brawl! I hope you heal up quickly.

  • I hop your feeling much better now

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