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Iceland and Greenland

Some general impressions:

  1.   I’ve heard it before, but it’s really true.  Iceland is green and Greenland is icy.  Talk about false advertising.
  2.   It’s all Eric the Red’s fault.
  3.   Iceland is really expensive.
  4.  The economic crash of 2008 left a bigger impression there.
  5.  They eat a lot of fish.
  6.   Much of which is raw.
  7.  They also served us stuff like shark, horse, and lava.  Yeah, I’ll explain the lava, but not for a few days.  🙂
  8.  Iceland is one huge volcanic field dotted by volcanoes.
  9.   It’s really, really “new” land.
  10.   It hasn’t been inhabited all that long.
  11.  Greenland is deadly
  12.  and desolate.
  13.   Both places have their charms.

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