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A Random 13

We’re going to take a little intermission from my Iceland trip because I’m just feeling too random today.

2. The picture under #1 was in Borgarnes behind the Settlement Center.

3. I was cutting loose threads today, and snipped right through the wires in my earbuds. From now on I’m going to feed them through my shirt before I pull out the scissors.

4. I lost a button within seconds of setting it down, and found it again by standing up. It was in the folds of my skirt.

5. A couple of weeks ago my tablet spontaneously cracked. I hadn’t dropped it or done anything else that could harm it. It now only senses touch on a third of the screen. I hadn’t realized those things are actual glass.

6. I had originally only paid $50 for the tablet. I ran out and bought another. It cost about twenty more. Of course it was no longer on sale. I don’t know why I just assumed the price of electronics only ever goes down.

7. The new one would no longer boot after three days. Right after a recommended update. I tried everything I could – even a hard reset. No luck. It still gets stuck on the boot screen.

8. There’s a slip of paper inside that says not to take it back to the store where you bought it – go to the web site instead. I did.

9. At the web site they tell you to take it back to the store.

10. So I did.

11. I suppose I should not be afraid to take the new one out of the box.

12. The smoke is so thick here that morning and evening sunlight look golden orange as if sunlight itself had turned molten, and the house never gets bright. It’s pretty, in a gloomy, apocalyptic way.

13. I’m going to start wearing a gas mask so I can start bicycling again. When I try it without I end up coughing my lungs out. Maybe the smoke is making my ditzy?


6 comments to A Random 13

  • I do the same thing with my earbuds when I run. It only took me a few times accidentally ripping them off my head with a swinging arm to take the hint.

    But people still look at me funny when they see me pulling them under my shirt in the parking lot.

  • yow. Wayward earbuds, a recalcitrant tablet, and smoke…Trifecta!

  • Sometimes when we pull at loose threads. the whole thing comes apart. And I’m still looking for the button I lost in the grass yesterday when I clipped it off to move it over.

  • It sounds like you might have exercise-induced asthma. You might want to talk to your doctor about that. An inhaler before you go cycling could be a big help.

    Electronics are weird. I’ve dropped my Kindle Fire 7 about 100 times and nothing has broken. But I’ve had other electronics break simply because I looked at them wrong.

  • Zippi

    Ouch about the earbuds! You’ve been having a tech break down here.
    These device screens are made with “Gorilla” glass. I forget who created it, maybe Qualcom. It’s a fascinating material. Very tough. Perhaps the UNSEEN one who lurks in closets got to it? 😉

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