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Suzie’s House 510 : A Singer in a Rock and Roll Band

“Guess what I heard!” Beth leaned across the aisle so Emma could hear her, though class had already started.

“What?” Emma said it real quiet, even though they were at the very back of the classroom, over by the window. The teacher was busy writing something on the chalkboard, so maybe she wouldn’t notice, but it still made Emma uncomfortable.

“There’s a real live rock band in our school. Isn’t… isn’t that exciting?”

“Y-yeah. It’s exciting.” Emma caught herself nodding like a bobble head and made herself stop. She was on the verge of admitting that she herself was in a band.

“What’s more, they’re, like, our age.” Beth leaned forward and ducked her head to hide her expression behind the boy sitting in front of her.

“Y-yeah?” Emma thought maybe Beth was talking about Malaprop, but it seemed kind of arrogant to just assume so. There were probably a few bands among the freshmen. It wasn’t like she and her band were the only ones in the world. But still, they had produced a video. And an album. It all felt kind of… not armature exactly. But it wasn’t like they had a big record label or anything. But to someone like Beth it might seem impressive. Unless it was someone else… Emma was wondering how to ask. She didn’t need to.

“They are really cool! There’s this v-vidoe. I saw it on facebook. The singer is a girl who wears a mask.”

“Oh! Yeah. That’s…..”

“So mysterious! I wish I could do something like that.” Beth sounded so wistful that Emma forgave the interruption.

“Oh. I saw that video.” The boy in front of Beth turned around and joined the conversation. “It’s probably a hoax.”

“H-hoax?!” Emma couldn’t believe anyone would think that. How could it be a hoax?

“Yeah. It’s probably really one of those bands created by some studio in Chicago. Or even LA. I mean, they’re too good to be from here.”

“Yeah.” Beth nodded.

“But…” Emma couldn’t quite lay her hands on the words she needed for arguing. Just as well as the teacher turned around right then.

“Alright, class. Settle down. We have a lot of material to cover.”

“If you hear anything about them, be sure to tell me,” Beth whispered to Emma from behind her hand.

Emma didn’t say anything. Did it count as a lie if she never even got the chance to say it? Beth better not blame her if she ever found out.

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