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Suzie’s House 512 : PDA

“I don’t like it,” Gene mumbled to Tracy as they sat across from each other at a long table in the lunchroom. He could see a dozen girls looking at him from different parts of the room. Normally he’d have focused on the others at their table instead, but none of them had shown up yet.

“Just ignore them.”

Tracy shoved her sandwich into her mouth like she couldn’t care less, but Gene knew she’d been getting looks from guys the same way he’d been getting looks from girls. Maybe it really didn’t bother her. Or more likely she’d bottle it up for a few weeks, then rant when it was just the two of them in his room.

“Can’t. What if one of them tries to take me away from you?” He carefully didn’t look at her face as he said it because if he did, he probably couldn’t keep from smiling.


He gave up and let a little humor show. Just a little. Tracy made a little snort of disdain as she realized he was teasing, but then she also took a closer look around the room. A little crowfoot of worry creased the skin around her eyes.

“Don’t worry. You know you’re the only one for me.”

“Better be.” She gave him a sharp look.

He’d have liked it better if she’d said the something about how much she loved him, but it wasn’t like he had any reason to doubt her. Things between them were good, and only getting better. A part of him kind of thought that was the scariest thing of all. What if it didn’t last? It would be like someone clawed his heart right out of his chest. Might as well die right then and there.

Actually, for about a year now everything had just been getting better and better. He loved where and how he lived. He loved Mrs. H. He loved Tracy. He loved playing bass, and everything about the band. Maybe all this stardom type attention made him uncomfortable, but it was nothing to the feeling that his fate couldn’t possibly really be this good. Someday his father would crawl into his window and grab him and nothing would ever be good again.

“So… maybe we should do something.” Tracy examined the lettuce layer of her sandwich with delicate fingers.

Gene took a quick swallow from his too-small carton of milk to help down the sandwich in his mouth. He cleared his throat nervously. When Tracy wanted to ‘do something’ a Hell tended to break lose.

“Yeah? Like what?”

“Just, you know. A little demonstration?” She grinned at him over her sandwich and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

His mind tossed out a whole bunch of suggestions before he hit on what he had in mind. Then he carefully set down the last of his sandwich.

“Sure. Lets.” He stood up.

Tracy stood at the same time. They leaned across the table at the same time and locked lips.
As far as kisses go, it was pretty dry. It wasn’t like they could really get into it with teachers around, though none seemed to be looking at the moment. But it wasn’t just a quick peck either.

“Ew! Again? I’m going to sit with my other friends.” Katie set her tray down next to Tracy, then scooped it up to huffed off.

“Would you knock it off?” Bruce slapped his tray down on the table next to Gene. “Everyone already knows you two are madly in love.”

“They do now,” Tracy said with a wicked grin.

She and Gene sat down at the same time and went back to eating lunch like nothing had happened, but the noise from all the talking got real, real loud.

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