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Suzie’s House 513 : Frozen

Ben and Lisa walked home from school together – home being Ben’s house. Lisa’s mom had been kind of busy the last few days, so Lisa and Tracy both ate with him. Tracy’s mom even paid for it, like it was a business deal. Board without the room. Ben mostly didn’t care. It was only for the next month anyway. How many times would it be his turn to cook? Besides, Lisa and Tracy took turns too.

“So I think the next video should be even more mysterious.” Lisa had been talking about nothing by Malaprop and their video all week long.

“Didn’t you already give the gopro back to Miranda?” He was tired of it, and didn’t even care if Lisa heard it in his voice.

“Yeah, but I’m sure when she sees how well it’s going with the first one, she’ll let us borrow it again.”

“Us. Yeah.” So far as he was concerned, she should just leave him out of it. He could feel her looking at him, but didn’t try to look back. They got to the end of the block like that. Then he saw Drew sitting in a car.

He was in the driver’s seat, but wasn’t going anywhere. Luckily it was a side street, so not too many people had to swerve around him to get where they were going, even though the car was was parked right in the middle of the street.

“Uh oh.”

“Should he be driving?” Lisa crossed the street, then walked along the sidewalk until they were even with the car. If it had been Gene, then Ben and him would have been just fine with jaywalking. “What’s wrong with him?”

“He gets this way sometimes.” Ben walked around to the driver’s side and opened the door.

Drew didn’t look good at all. Ben had to touch his arm, to see if he was really still alive. He was warm to the touch, but didn’t even blink. Ben hadn’t seen him this bad in… ever.

“We can’t just leave him like this.” Lisa glanced at the road behind them.

Ben made a snap decision. It was probably the wrong one, but he was going to do it anyway.

“Help me get him into the other seat.” Ben unbuckled Drew’s seat belt.

“What? You’re not thinking…” Lisa opened the passenger door, then hesitated.

He started shoving the man into the passenger seat. Even as she protested, Lisa started pulling. That made it a lot easier. They got Drew moved over and belted in. While Lisa clicked it, Ben hopped in the drivers side. He looked at the steering wheel and the pedals and stuff, and tried to remember everything he’d ever seen anyone do with them. How hard could it be? They only needed to go half a dozen blocks. Of course that included crossing Jennifer, but how hard could that be?

He glanced up when he realized Lisa didn’t bother to get in.

“You coming?” He sat still, waiting for her answer.

Lisa at least thought about it. She glanced back as a car whipped around them. She glanced at him, then at the ground. She shook her head. “No. I’ll see you there.” She slammed the door.

Ben sweat bullets the whole way there. At first the car lurched, and veered back and forth across the road. By the time he reached the traffic light, he had the steering down, but screeched to a stop. His hands grew slick on the steering wheel. The whole time Drew sat there, cold and immovable. This would be a lot easier if the man could at least give him some advice.

When he finally pulled into the driveway, Ben felt wrung out. The tension all rushed out on a deep sigh. Safe. He and Drew had made it home safely. He sat up straight, and glanced into the rear view mirror. An old man sat in the back seat, looking like he’d always been there. Ben had just never noticed.

“Was that your first time driving? Good job, boy,” Walter said with a fatherly smile.

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