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13 Things I Should Know by Now

It’s November! You can guess what I’m doing now. Yep. NaNo. And of course I am completely unprepared. This stuff always goes better when I have something like an outline to work with. I have my spreadsheet set up, but so far, I’ve only put in one line.

1. I do actually know what the book is about. Sort of. It was a serial I made up as part of our bedtime routine when the kids were little. Now if I can just remember how it goes.

2. What did I name the dragon after the witch turned him human? I could swear there was a name change.

3. How did she turn him human?

4. Why did he go looking for the princess? Seemed like it wasn’t a direct thing.

5. What were the three tasks he had to do to get his dragon body back?

6. What was the ocean about? Did he drowned? I can’t remember.

7. How did he get out of the dungeons?

8. Who threw him in? It seems like it was a pretty dramatic scene, but neither I nor the kids can remember just how it went.

9. Why did he get so mad after he got turned into a human?

10. How did this thing end again?

11. What was that about the slipper? I know it was important, but surely it wasn’t really so much like Cinderella.

12. Why did I think this thing was so good?

13. Why do the kids still think it was good even though none of us can quite remember how it went?


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