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To Do List

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1. Come up with this list. 🙂

2. Write 2,000 words tonight. These don’t count,

3. Delete my Photobucket account and every link related to it.

4. Make some gift bags. What do you mean it’s too early for Christmas?

5. Run the dishwasher.

6. Come up with a cord that will make my new-to-me washer/dryer set plug into the wall.

7. Test run the machines.

8. Do three weeks worth of backed up laundry.

9. Put shelves in the laundry room to make up for lost floor space.

10. Put everything piled up in the living room back in the laundry room.

11. Clean the house in preparation for Thanksgiving.

12. Buy a turkey

13. Write another 2,000 words.


7 comments to To Do List

  • Unpack the dishwasher so I can repack it is on my list, along with put everything I took out of my closet back in it. It’s a parallel universe.

  • Oh crap! I was sposta get some laundry done today, before My Beloved Sandra gets home. Thanks for the reminder! Gotta run…

  • Geez, what a list of stuff to do! I hope you got it all done.

    Regarding your query on my blog, I edit fiction manuscripts except for porn or explicit sex and I prefer not to do things that include sexual abuse. I can do basic copyediting and/or offer commentary regarding flow, etc., whether or not you have blackberries blooming in January, that kind of thing. I edited one book that won an Indie Award some years back (it was a lesbian book). I use the Chicago Manual of Style, with the Oxford comma, and ellipses that look like . . . instead of … because that is how several of the publishers I have edited for preferred it. I charge by the word plus $1 a page (250 words on each page) for basic editing (which always has a little commentary because I can’t help myself). I will take out overused words (one author used the word “just” in every other sentence!) and turn passive sentences into active ones. A full-blown rewrite of course costs more.

    I’ve edited about 10 novels, some for a now-defunct publisher and some for some self-publishing folks.

    Thanks for asking.

  • #8 oh my goodness. I got a mountain of it.

  • Alice, a basic proofread with copyediting would be about $1,000 – $1,200 in MS Word using Track Changes feature. (If you want a hard copy marked up and mailed to you, it would be a little more.) If you just want someone to read it over and make comments as to what works and what doesn’t, it would be about $400. I like science fiction and read it sometimes, though it isn’t in my purview to ensure your science facts are right or close or feasible. I can certainly research such things and look them up, but that would be an extra charge. If you’re using a MAC I would have to see if I can open the file. Nobody’s ever asked me to edit a MAC document. Why don’t you email me at afirebaugh@gmail.com and tell me more about what you’re looking for?

  • Congrats if you got the Photobucket thing done and gone. I still need to transfer a few pics somewhere else.

  • Thanks for the referral, Alice. I appreciate it.

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