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A Winner

Of course that does not mean I’m done. It just means I did 50,000 words this month so far. So, what now?

1. Finish the plot line. I’m in the middle of the climax now. I should be able to finish the book in the next few days.

2. Take a moment to appreciate the fact that I have written at least one new rough draft every year since 2000. Before that I’d never actually finished even the rough draft on any of my novel attempts. I kept trying to revise as I went.

3. Get back to revising BSH.

4. Vacuum the living room. No more excuses for putting it off.

5. Send out the wish lists I promised to compile.

6. Get more exercise.

7. Get some more vacation pix ready so I can post about Iceland again.

8. Make some gift bags.

9. Muck out my office.

10. Pay some bills.

11. Buy some gifts

12. Pack.

13. Go home for Christmas.


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