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Travel for Less

Tropical Vacation

Marge and Jane bumped into each other in the Atlanta airport.

“Hey, Marge! Where have you been? I’m just flying home after a wonderful vacay in the Bahamas. Sun, surf, and cabana boys. I’m bringing home so much rum my suitcase is gurgling. How about you?” She arched one eyebrow with a superior smirk.

“Costa Rica – a resort West of Liberia.” She just smiled.

“Oh my word! Look out the window. Is that SNOW? In Atlanta?”

Marge gave it barely a glance. She already knew what she’d find back home in Montana.

“You may have got more sun, but I bet I get more snow.”

Marge caught herself and winced.

The Challenge: Write a story in 100 words or less
The Challenger (Hub): Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
The Photo Credit: Dale Rogerson

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