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Kreative Award

Lookie what Renee gave me! Yes, I received it before, but I don’t care. I love it anyway.

Anyway I’m supposed to say seven things about myself and pass it along to seven people. Here go the things:

1. I say 13 things about myself every Thursday.
2. For the life of me, I can’t think of seven things that would be interesting.
3. This reminds me of the meme where you have to say a bunch of truths and one lie.
4. Should I lie about myself here?
5. Was #4 cheating?
6. Oh, no! Does that mean #5 and #6 are cheating?!
7. I refuse to be drawn in by myself.

The people I’d like to pass this along to (much more interesting than me) are:

1. Calico Contemplations who has reindeer as well as kitties.

2. Nessa who does interesting things with bunnies and sunflowers. Don’t get me started on crickets.

3. Brighid with a view on ranch life which takes me back to my childhood.

4. Cate Masters who introduces us to new authors regularly.

5. Hywela Lyn who is a fellow Rose Garden denizen and NaNo veteran.

6. Mary Ricksen who is getting into the Christmas spirit.

7. R.J. Flamingo (I know, I know, too many awards already. Well, tough. I’m giving you another.) who has taken up the Christmas cookie challenge.

Do what you like with the award. If you want to claim it, simply copy it out here and post it on your blog. Linking to people you award it to is a good idea and linking back to me will make me smile.


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