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2009 in 13 pictures

13 Images I posted in 2009; a pictorial review.

1 It was so cold last winter that the screen door grew frost.

2 I got a bouquette for Valantines from Mr. Al. Mwah!

3 I did a lot of driving in 2009. Not quite as much as in 2008, but close

4 The waters got high during Spring run off.

5 Using the sewing maching she bought for mine.

6 I made placemats for my Mother’s birthday

7 I had some computer problems

8 The pool, which was a highlight on my vacation to Cabo San Lucus

9 One of the books I picked up at the National Romance Writers of America Convention.

10 The engine in the car I bought.

11 I watched Shakespear in the Park

12 I tresspassed

13 I posted Mr. Al’s last post on the history of George IV. This is a bigger deal than it sounds. He provided me with a post a week on this topic for two years and two months, with a loyal following all his own. He started a whole new series yesterday. This would be a good time to check him out.

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