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For Moving In

Seriously Reviewed said "You know? Every so often you read a story that starts a little slow on the first few pages and then.....BAM it just explodes! This was one of them for me."

Kaye's Book Review Page
on which she said The book is "short, sweet, light-hearted and just plain fun."

Vince at Philosophy of Romance said "Alice Audrey’s voice is fresh, feisty, full of surprises and always fun. The author also deals with real people having real problems and she does it in a very insightful way."

Nessa at Chrysalis Stage said "If you like sweet, fast-paced romance with a hot hero and all of the misunderstandings that two people can throw at each other, then you will love this story."

Night Owl Reviews didn't have anything nice to say about it. Hey, you can't win them all.

Brenda Talley of Romance Studio said " I recommend this book to anyone. It was a pleasure to read and I shall look for more of her work in the future. "

By Guta Bauer at Murphy's Library did it twice! Once in English and once in Portuguese. I'm assuming they both say, "Life goes on, choices need to be made and we can never let our past deny us of our future. That’s just some of the things we learn from this story. "

Sandra Nachlinger said "It's been a while since I've read a novelette, and I enjoyed this quick read. MOVING IN by Alice Audrey is a sweet story (rated PG or maybe even G) laced with humor. The best friend character is a hoot! This book is a fun escape and just what I needed to read today."

If you did a review of my book, let me know! I'll be glad to link to you, even if you didn't like the book.

Window Replacement Checklist

If I ever have to do this again, I want this list so I don’t have to go to the lumber yard so many times in a row.

1. Window. One that will fit in the hole you need to fill.
2. Studs. Measure them out! For filling a doorway you need two times the height of the doorway, plus two times the height from the top of the window to the where you’re going to end up ripping out the threshold, plus three times the width of the window.
3. Shims. Don’t leave them in the wrong car. Make sure to actually get to the work site. Have enough so that it’s ok to split a few.
4. Particle board big enough to fill doorway.
5. Drill to drill the holes in the corners of where you have to cut the window shape out of the particle board with a bit big enough for the blade of a jig saw to go through.
6. Jig saw for cutting out the window. Yeah, don’t try to do it without drilling the holes. Trust me on this.
7. House wrap. (I used tar paper. Hope I’m not messing up that way)
8. Staple gun for attaching the house wrap. Preferably the electronic kind because that stuff is hard to staple.
9. Exterior boards to match the rest of the house.
10. Paint to match the house.
11. Calk
12. A calking gun because it’s a royal pain getting the calk out of the tube without one.
13. Nails. Lots and lots of nails. Not just finishing nails. And don’t assume K-mart will have the right ones. Their selection is awful, even if they are still open after the hardware store has closed.

And this is only half the list! Sheesh.

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Suzie’s House 413 : Reading the Riot Act

Suzie's House

“Hey, it’s the detective guy. And Walter. Where you been, Walter? You’re lunch is in the fridge.” Donny smiled, and his words were chipper, but his voice was raspy as he stubbed out a cigarette.

Drew couldn’t decide if Walter’s care taker had actually been crying, or if the red eyes and voice had something to do with the smell of pot in the air. Then, thinking about how negligent Donny was in his job, Drew decided he didn’t care.

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High Places

Last Monday I talked about putting in a new window. I thought I’d talk a little more about the project. The window is replacing a door in an old house. This in and of itself isn’t so hard. We simply built in the studs the way we would with a new construction and sized it for the size of the window, filling in the area where the door once was.

The problem is the height. The door in question lead to a rickety staircase. The stairs weren’t really necessary, and had some issues involving power lines and the placement of cellar doors. Rather than replacing them, as originally planned, we simply removed them.

We were originally going to use a ladder for the exterior work, but notice those cellar doors? yeah. Not working. So I ran off and rented some scaffolding.

Although I have been on scaffolds before, I had never rented them or set them up before. This proved an experience in and of itself. The latches used to assemble are quick and easy to use. Luckily they were self explanatory, because the directions included with them were nothing but “though shalt not”s and “examine all parts for wear and damage!” instead of actually saying what to do. The best part was where the assembly instructions said not to try to set them up without someone who had done it before present. Yeah, real helpful.

As you see, we got it all set up. With three people on it, it took about half an hour. If the pieces weren’t so heavy, I think I could have done it by myself in that time because a fair amount of the time was spent arguing.

As much of a pain and expense as they are, once we got the scaffolding up everything went a lot smoother. It’s so much easier to hammer something from a scaffold than from a ladder.

Now I have to run out and buy some more lumber because I didn’t have the right kind, but that’s another story.


Friday Fictioneers

“You are so stodgy!” Courtney leaned over Aidan to pluck the tablet form his hands. “Can’t you imagine how romantic the place is? I mean, I know the rock work isn’t that old, but it give you the feeling the place has been around forever. But the sign is kind of modern. But just imagine! Going on a train ride! Don’t you want to give it a shot?”


“At least come down to the station to see for yourself.”

Courtney had to drag Aidan to the station the next day, but he wasn’t impressed. All he said was, “Needs paint.”

The Hub: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Photo credit: Kent Bonham


13 Reasons I am Tired

1. Lack of sleep. Seems that’s a regular on my tired list.
2. Spending all day with my shoes on.
3. Sitting only when driving.
4. Running out to buy new supplies all the time because I can’t seem to get it all in one go. The guy at the lumber yard is starting to flirt. BTW, drywall doesn’t come in 1/4 inch. It comes in 3/8 inch.
5. Not listening to enough music.
6. Scaffolding is heavy.
7. And hard to climb.
8. Having to constantly argue with my helpers because they don’t get it.
9. Running out of oil in the Trucky engine. Talk about scary and tense.
10. Not being able to get up to the speed limit. Did I mention scaffolding is heavy?
11. Not getting enough of the right kind of exercise.
12. Not eating much.
13. 100 degree days. I like heat, but it saps me.

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Suzie’s House 412 : Signing Your Life Away

Suzie's House

Gene tried to act cool, but he had to swallow more than once to get the lump of nervous tension down. He sat at the dining room table with a stack of legal papers in front of him and the eyes on him. Mrs. H., her lawyer, and that social worker, Kathy Vargovich, all sat around the table and stared.

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Cutting Loose by Susan Andersen p.332

She was in the wrong and knew it. So she did what any right-thinking woman would do.

She made it his fault.

MizB of A Daily Rhythm hosts Teaser Tuesday. Grab your current read, open to a random page, share a couple of “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page. Go see Should Be Reading for more detail.


Modern Window

I’m installing a window in a place where there used to be a door. It’s a bit of a challenge both because I’ve never installed a window before and because it’s on the second above a bad surface. Yet I am approaching the task with some confidence.

I’m doing it because of the internet. Used to be when faced with something like this I would run to the library, dig out a bunch of books, struggle with the jargon, and with a sense of incipient disaster give it a whirl. Now I watch it done on Youtube, find schematics online, and look up any jargon I can’t easily figure out.

The difference shouldn’t be that great, yet I find it substantial.

So far we have removed the old door and doorway, replaced some sub-flooring, and put in the studs. We would have put up the exterior wall, but I forgot the plywood substrata.

I’ll let you know how it goes from here.


Making a Horse’s Blanket of Yourself Over Love

Jill? Where could she be? If I don’t find her in the next ten minutes, I give up.

Previously in Jack and Jill: Jack, Do You Really Expect to Find Jill There?

The theme for this week’s Jack and Jill is “horse blanket” as suggested by Jannie Funster
Want to see what I can do with a word or phrase? Make a suggestion.


Over Head

“This mansion predates The Civil War. If you look up you’ll notice the distinctive wainscoting.” The tour guide pointed up.

“Are there any ghosts here? I have a pamphlet that names this as one of the three most haunted houses in the county.” Clair waved the paper in question.

“That’s just a folk tale. The most you’ll find here is a stiff breeze. Now, moving on….” The tour continued up the hall.

While all the other tourists followed, Clair paused. There was something in this room. She knew it, but she couldn’t put her finger on what. Then she realized that the chandelier was moving even without a breeze.

The Hub: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Photo credit: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


13 Fads My Kids Dragged Me Into

Over the years my kids have demanded that I pay attention to all kinds of fads and interests. Here are thirteen of them.

1. Spongebob. (cartoon)
2. Rugrats (cartoon)

To be fair, I was watching both before the kids were born, but they kept it going.

3. Arthur (cartoon)
4. Pokemon (cartoon, and trading cards)
5. Princesses and pink everything.
6. Sailor Moon (Just cartoons. Short term)

7. Dragon Ball Z (Cartoon, card game, and video game)
8. Skateboarding
9. Final Fantasy (video games)
10 Star Wars (video games)
11. Dance Dance Revolution (video game)
12. Inuyasha (Cartoon. Again, I started it and they kept it going)
13. NCBI (anti-bully organization)

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Suzie’s House 411 : You Have Friends?

Suzie's House

Sophie was dead on her feet when she got home. If she hadn’t had Emma to deal with, she’d have gone straight to bed. No doubt Emma would be hungry. Maybe it was time Sophie taught her to cook.

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The Girl has safely made it through high school. She is now looking for a job.

During the ceremony, I think I was feeling more free, happy, and excited than she was. She is my youngest child. In a way, I also graduated. I am looking forward to the “empty nest” stage of my life.

For the last couple of years I have been looking forward to this moment with mixed feelings. I thought I might be lonely once she’s moved out. It could well be that I am, even though I will still have Mr. Al around. I know I’ll be able to get more done without the constant distractions, though I might also goof off more.

Meanwhile she claims she isn’t worried in the least. And maybe she shouldn’t be. She managed to line up a summer job in less than two weeks. My son, on the other hand, has yet to land anything after two years. He has, however, become a drywaller’s apprentice. It’s not regular work, but could become a career.

We’re going to help her out with getting an apartment and a car. After she’s supported herself for a year, we’ll send her to college. By then she should have some idea what she wants to do with the rest of her life.


His Mother

His mother ran a ship-shape house. There was never a dust speck or dirty dish to be found. She ran the women’s league the same way, and even had time to volunteer at the election polls. Yet never did he feel that she neglected or hovered over him. When he asked about the solar system, she helped him measure it off in proportion, though the sun was a copper penny and Pluto had to be placed beyond the edge of town. When asked what inspired him to become an astrophysicist, he said, “Mother’s lamp shades. They looked like Jupiter.”

The Hub: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Photo credit: Raina Ng


13 Fandom Concepts/Acronyms.

The Girl hangs out on social media and fan sites. Here are some of the acronyms used there that popped into her head.

1. Cannon – Things that happens or is present in an original series/work of fiction.
2. Ship – Short for relationship, generally romantic. usually means the person saying wants to see a pair that is not in reality or cannon existent.
3. OTP – One True Pairing
4. SMH – Shake My Heat or sometimes mistaken for “So Much Hate”.
5. Fandom – A segment of fans who create a community based around a work of fiction.
6. NoTP – Anything but that couple.
7. Friend/ship – To wish for a friend relationship between two people or characters.
8. BroTP – not necessarily a sexual relationship, but close.
9. WIP – Work In Progress. (I’m pretty sure I taught her that)
10. OC – Original Character
11. OP – Original Poster – has to do with the way Tumblr works
12. TW aka T/W – Trigger Warning. Some difficult subject matter is included.
13. Meme – a content fad.

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