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For Moving In

Seriously Reviewed said "You know? Every so often you read a story that starts a little slow on the first few pages and then.....BAM it just explodes! This was one of them for me."

Kaye's Book Review Page
on which she said The book is "short, sweet, light-hearted and just plain fun."

Vince at Philosophy of Romance said "Alice Audrey’s voice is fresh, feisty, full of surprises and always fun. The author also deals with real people having real problems and she does it in a very insightful way."

Nessa at Chrysalis Stage said "If you like sweet, fast-paced romance with a hot hero and all of the misunderstandings that two people can throw at each other, then you will love this story."

Night Owl Reviews didn't have anything nice to say about it. Hey, you can't win them all.

Brenda Talley of Romance Studio said " I recommend this book to anyone. It was a pleasure to read and I shall look for more of her work in the future. "

By Guta Bauer at Murphy's Library did it twice! Once in English and once in Portuguese. I'm assuming they both say, "Life goes on, choices need to be made and we can never let our past deny us of our future. That’s just some of the things we learn from this story. "

Sandra Nachlinger said "It's been a while since I've read a novelette, and I enjoyed this quick read. MOVING IN by Alice Audrey is a sweet story (rated PG or maybe even G) laced with humor. The best friend character is a hoot! This book is a fun escape and just what I needed to read today."

If you did a review of my book, let me know! I'll be glad to link to you, even if you didn't like the book.

Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins p.273

An occasional grin upset his fine features like linoleum yanked from under the feet of an emperor.

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This new diet I’m on has me eating some odd things. For instance, I’ve learned to bake slabs of the glop that you get from boiling flaxseed into a tasty kind of cracker. It makes a pretty good snack if you can get over the slight hint of slime.

I’m eating a lot more fish. A LOT more. And nowhere near as much beef. I’m still buying weird vegetables and eating more salad. I’m getting used to it all.

Still, it’s nice to grab one of my old standbys now and then. Imagine my surprise when I pulled out a box of bran flakes and poured this oddity into my bowl. The flake on the left is a little on the large size for what’s normal in this box. I’ve never seen on so big as the one on the right.

It kind of makes me wonder about the flake making process. Do they have a special machine to make big one’s little? What if the machine breaks some day? They could have a new marketing thing – monster flakes.

Hey, I’d eat it. But then, I’ll eat nearly anything.


Head In the Clouds

“Wow. Look at that.” Sally pointed down the street she and Liam were crossing.

“Oh my. That is… certainly an interesting exhibit of the intersection between a nebulous airborne structure and the human psyche. I mean, consider the fact it isn’t possible for nature to intentionally create a phallic symbol out of particulates in the air, and yet that one is undeniable. I have seen ones far less detailed…”

“What are you talking about?”

“The shape of the… wait, is that smoke? I thought you were pointing out a cloud.”

“I meant the fire.”

“Oh. wow, look at that!”

The Hub: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Photo credit: Roger Bultot


A 13 Word Poem

1. Spring
2. hides
3. behind
4. a
5. flotilla
6. of
7. pretty
8. boats
9. made
10. from
11. tax
12. return
13. forms

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Suzie’s House 402 : The Caress of Solitude

Suzie's House

“Look, kid. This might be a boarding house, but it isn’t a public building. You can’t just come and go as you please.” One of Mrs. H,’s borders stopped Emma in the front hall.

The blood in Emma’s veins froze. Her chest hurt and it was hard to breathe. Though she didn’t really know this woman, she knew who did and who did not belong in this house.

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Fast Women by Jennifer Crusie p.80

“We’re kidnapping a dog,” she whispered. “Wear black.”

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I don’t like syrup in my canned fruit. It just seems like unnecessary calories to me. So when I saw these were water packed, I grabbed the. Silly me. I should have read just a little further down the label.

Of course if they weren’t going to use sugar they would use something else. I didn’t realize it until I swallowed. At first I thought it was aspartame, except it wasn’t as strong of an off flavor. So I checked the label. It’s sucraslose.

I’m supposed to be eating more fruit. The people running my diet program encouraged us to eat canned fruit if we couldn’t get out hands on fresh. Be we are also supposed to avoid heavy syrup and additives.

Even if I actually liked the taste I’d probably avoid these in the future. As if fruit wasn’t naturally sweet enough.



Theodor: Where are you going so late at night? You weren’t planning on taking my time machine, were you?”

Jack: Of course not. I’m going LARPing.

Theodor: Live Action Role Play at this time of night?

Jack: Yep. It’s a drinking party. We’re going to drink mead and bash each other with rubber swords. We’re calling it a Mid-Knight Bash.
Previously in Jack and Jill: Time to Travel?

The theme for this week’s Jack and Jill is “midnight” as suggested by Heather
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The Hitch

Gil grew up on the wastelands. When he was five, the fields grew just enough to keep his small home town going. Then the rails came, bringing toxins that killed the crop even as they carried away most of what they grew. By the time he turned ten, half the population had moved or died. By fifteen, a couple dozen faced starvation even as the train stopped long enough to take everything. That was when he came up with the plan. All he needed was one car from that train. He could feed everyone for a year. There was just one hitch…

The Hub: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
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A Shaky 13


2. According to one of The Girl’s teachers, there is a mountain near town that is holding on by a thread. Someday it’s going to crack and fall apart.

3. When it goes, it’ll wipe out everything for miles around.

4. But that’s nothing compared to what Yellowstone will do.

5. Yellowstone is a super volcano. Someday it’s going to blow.

6. When it does, it’ll take out the entire state of Wyoming and a good chunk of Montana and Idaho.

7. The first thing that gets you in a volcanic eruption is toxic gas.

8. If the gas doesn’t kill everyone where I live, the following earthquakes will.

9. Brick does not hold up well in an earthquake. It crumbles. Wood houses hold up much better.

10. My foundation is made of brick. I’m thinking about getting a “collar” to reinforce it.

11. Last year we had five earthquakes in a hundred mile radius that I know of.

12. There may be a link between unstable weather and increases in earthquakes.

13. The eruption of Yellowstone is overdue.

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Suzie’s House 401 : Verbal Abuse

Suzie's House

By the time Miranda made it home from the ad agency, she’d broken the heel of her newest Charline De Luca shoes – the red ones with the pony tail of fringe hanging off the back. Before that she’d taken a verbal beating from her boss for ordering the wrong size graphic sheets for a set of billboards, and spent hours dodging a client who wanted more than to place an order and have lunch with her. She was hungry, tired, and tense.

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The Lottery Winner by Marry Higgins Clark p.236

“I can’t wait to see the baby,” Alvirah enthused, making he way past receptionists too buy to notice them.

“I can’t wait to unload the presents,” Willy commented as he strained to keep his fingers from slipping out of the handles of the heavy shopping bags he was carrying.

Fini! This one was a connected anthology of sorts. I enjoyed it.

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Best. Card. Ever.

I got this in the mail the other day. Talk about my style! I love it.


Time to Travel?

Jack: THAT’S a time machine?

Theodor: Yes. I need your help to set the time stream to rights. When will you be ready?

Jack: When Easter falls in May.

That can be arranged.

Previously in Jack and Jill: Moving Violations

The theme for this week’s Jack and Jill is “When Easter falls in May” as suggested by Brian Miller
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Urban Renewal

Matt sat in his little second hand shop and cringed with every step the renters next door took on his roof. Clunk, clunk, clunk. How unfair that they should have easy access, and him none at all. It was all because these old buildings had been renovated so many times. The neighbors put something down with a thud, and little bits of ceiling plaster came filtering down. Then he had it. A great idea. If he did a little renovation himself… maybe take away the roof they liked to walk on….

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