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Rice Among the Lotus

Miyamoto Musashi cut down a hundred swordsmen in a single night. A ronan, he destroyed many dojos as proof of his power. He fought and defeated some of the most famous samurai of his day. Yet, broken and alone, he arrived in a destitute village as a beggar. Given the chance to farm, the rice paddies defeated him. In his defeat he discovered enlightenment. When at last the emperor’s men came to ask his allegiance, he no longer had the heart to kill.

The Hub: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Photo credit: Erin Leary

A ronan was a sword fighter who did not owe allegiance to a lord. Generally they were considered between jobs.

A dojo is a school for some form of martial arts. It can be a karate school, or one for wielding a sword. Crushing such groups was considered a normal way for a young fighter to prove his worth.


13 Things to Eat

I’m back on my diet. From the end of July until the middle of January I refused to count calories. I did keep an eye on “My Plate” and pushed the exercise. That isn’t enough. My weight stayed at 170lb, plus or minus a couple of pounds. Wishful thinking got me nowhere. Ive been counting the calories and fat grams for about a week now and have already lost four pounds. Oddly enough, today and yesterday I had to make myself eat MORE because I ended up the day too low. Here are the last 13 things I ate.

1. 24 Wheat thin airbake crackers. This brought me up to 1353 calories for the day.
2. A handful of nuts because they are a great source of fat.
3. A fortune cookie
4. Tofu
5. Cellophane noodles
6. Bean sprouts
7. PB2, a peanut butter substitute
8. Blueberry jam
9. Homemade bread
10. No-fat Greek yogurt
11. Boysenberry syrup on the yogurt
12. Half a slice of homemade bread
13. turkey

The covers everything for the day.

Nope, I’m not done with Indonesia. Just taking a little break


Suzie’s House 442 : The Money In Hand

Suzie's House

Normally Bruce would have been sneaking looks at Gene all through the practice session because of that missing money. This time he got so caught up in writing a song with Emma that he almost forgot. Almost.

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The Romantic by Madeline Hunter p.204

“Madam, really… America? If you had a disagreement with Mr. Hampton, could we not just visit Bath?”

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At the end of the our visit to Prambanan Temple Complex, the train let us out near the entrance where we ran into something of a zoo. I can’t say I really considered it a zoo. There were only a few cages. The emu, and some deer seemed to be the only exhibits.

Just how much of an exhibit does there need to be to consider something a zoo? I thought the one we visited in Belize was rinky dink. To be separated from a jaguar by no more than a fence and a sign saying not to stick your fingers through the wire struck my American sensibilities and outlandish. But at least they had a score of cages.

This… I’m not so sure. It felt kind of like they just parked the animals there for lack of a better place to put them.

Not that it mattered. I was still basking in the glow of my new found ability to climb steps.


On the Job

Drew stood outside the building. He had a wire, but it only went to a recorder hidden under his bomber jacket. His partners didn’t know he was here. They thought the drug king pin worked out of a warehouse somewhere on the edges of Albuquerque. Drew’s informant said the man could be found here and he could get in by saying, “Tell El Jefe that Dave sent me.”

The dogs were chained. They buzzed him through the gate when he said the right words to the intercom. The door opened just as he was adjusting the camera in the button of his breast pocket.

“Wrong house. El Jefe moved. But if you need a fix…”

Drew hesitated. A long time.

The Hub: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Photo credit: © ceayr


Prambanan Temple Complex. Yeah, again.

The area just past the ticket boot for the Prambanan Temple is a lovely garden. You can see it here. It’s #10. Once you get past that, you’re faced with a jumble of rock. As the archaeologists uncover the stones, they pile them up in the area. Until they have more than 75% of a given temple, they can’t do anything with it. Considering there were 224 temples in the area before volcanic activity and earthquake took them down in the 16th century, that can add up to a lot of rock.

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Suzie’s House 441 : Emma’s Song II

Suzie's House

Tracy and Emma beat him to the practice room. Bruce had tried to get there first because he’d been in a rush to leave after the last practice session and had forgotten to pack away his Casio. It might not be the best synthesizer he owned, but he still didn’t want people messing with it.

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Annie’s 1st Break by Willee Amsden p.1

Let me ask you this, are all men morons? Let me go one step farther, am I, Annie Mccauley, a moron? I must be. Why? Because I’m stuck on a toilet. Stuck you say? On a toilet? Yes, stuck, as in can’t get my ass off the seat. Don’t laugh, it could happen to you.

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Ramayana Ballet

15-08k 7754

I’ve been recounting my vacation in Indonesia in more or less chronological order. Today I’m going to jump around a little bit because I still have another 13 pictures to share from the Prambanan Temple complex, but I also have events the next day for which I have few if any good pictures. Probably the worst was the Ramayana Ballet.

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Prambanan Temple Complex

This week I’m just going to do 13 pictures from the Prambanan Temple Complex, which is just a relatively short drive from Candi Sambisari.


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Suzie’s House 440 : Emma’s Song I

Suzie's House

Emma got to the practice room before any of the other band members. She sat on the chair in front of Kate’s drums for a few minutes. She was tempted to give the drums a thump, but Kate would probably have a hissy fit. She didn’t even like it when her boyfriend, Justin, borrowed them, and he actually knew what he was doing.

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Dirt by C. C. Hogan p.5

“Somebody needs to keep hold of the truth. I made so many mistakes because the truth was hidden.”

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I Write Like

It’s click bait. Only it’s the way click bait should be, with something of actual interest on the other side of the click.

I happened to notice a button on someone’s blog this weekend. It’s a program that supposedly matches your writing style to that of famous writers.

The first thing I put in was my Friday Fictioneer’s post, “Stairway to Heaven”. The result – I write like Steven King.

Well, I can sort of see that. But I suspect the analysis is at least partly a result of the tone I was going for. So I thought I better try it again.

I put in my entire Candi Sambisara post. Apparently that one is like James Joyce.

Well, that’s not fair either since it isn’t even fiction. And just who am I really like? What could I put in that would be most likely to give an accurate result?

Of course! Suzie’s House. I pasted in the most resent episode. Which would it be? Steven King or James Joyce?

Neither. I write like Margaret Atwood.

The thing is, I’m pretty sure I write like me no matter which post I’m writing. It was fun to play, but I’m giving up on comparing myself to anyone.

I write like
Margaret Atwood

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!


Stairway to Heaven

“What are you going to show me? Where is it?” Alicia followed a step or two behind Sally as they walked through the woods.

“This way.” Sally strode along with confidence.

They reached a stairway leading up the side of a hill. Sally didn’t even slow down. Despite how cracked and old the steps or rusty the railing, she went right up. Alicia followed a bit slower. At the top she tried to take in the view, but panted too much.

“Is. This. It?”

“No. What I wanted to show you is how many calories it takes to burn off the cookie you stole from my plate.”

The Hub: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Photo credit: Amy Reese