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For Moving In

Seriously Reviewed said "You know? Every so often you read a story that starts a little slow on the first few pages and then.....BAM it just explodes! This was one of them for me."

Kaye's Book Review Page
on which she said The book is "short, sweet, light-hearted and just plain fun."

Vince at Philosophy of Romance said "Alice Audrey’s voice is fresh, feisty, full of surprises and always fun. The author also deals with real people having real problems and she does it in a very insightful way."

Nessa at Chrysalis Stage said "If you like sweet, fast-paced romance with a hot hero and all of the misunderstandings that two people can throw at each other, then you will love this story."

Night Owl Reviews didn't have anything nice to say about it. Hey, you can't win them all.

Brenda Talley of Romance Studio said " I recommend this book to anyone. It was a pleasure to read and I shall look for more of her work in the future. "

By Guta Bauer at Murphy's Library did it twice! Once in English and once in Portuguese. I'm assuming they both say, "Life goes on, choices need to be made and we can never let our past deny us of our future. That’s just some of the things we learn from this story. "

Sandra Nachlinger said "It's been a while since I've read a novelette, and I enjoyed this quick read. MOVING IN by Alice Audrey is a sweet story (rated PG or maybe even G) laced with humor. The best friend character is a hoot! This book is a fun escape and just what I needed to read today."

If you did a review of my book, let me know! I'll be glad to link to you, even if you didn't like the book.

Dewdrop Philosophy

Two Micorgians sat side by side on the very edge of the word. Unlike their brethren, they enjoyed the view from the shimmering line between their world and the next.

“What if we were in reality so small that our whole world fit into a dewdrop from another world?”

“What does it matter? On something of that scale, the things that happen on one plane of existence will have no effect on the other. We will live out our whole lives like this.”

“I guess you’re right.”

Just then the weather turned violent, the ground shook, and the edge of the world broke.

On another plane of existence, a little boy used a stick to hit dewdrops off of leaves.

The Hub: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
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13 Changes

As I mentioned a few months ago, I’m part of a special program designed to help people with a predisposition to heart disease and diabetes. The program is called Lifestyle Balance. The point is to make permanent changes in our lifestyles that will promote health and longevity. Here are some of the changes I’ve noticed so far.

1. I have lost twenty pounds since the beginning of February. Not bad for three and a half months of dieting. Given how slowly I have lost weight in the last several attempts, I assumed it would take a full year to reach this point.

2. My pants had gotten so tight that they road up. I’m still wearing the same pants, but I’ve taken in the seams and they now hang.
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Suzie’s House 407 : Hide and Seek With Walter

Suzie's House

The old man looked gleeful as he muttered something about hiding. Tracy kind of liked him, even if he did act weird. He looked from left to right like some guy in a stupid movie who wanted to hide, then went down State Street in a fast shuffle.

“Wait! Did you say Drew?” Tracy started to follow him. “You know Drew?”

“Just leave him alone,” Kate grabbed Tracy’s sleeve. “We need to get back to the studio. I’ve got a date with Justin later.”

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Cutting Loose by Susan Andersen p.55

“Trust me. I’s lust.” A big, fat, flamingo-hot case of it. “Or, okay, I suppose it could be heartburn.”

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Birthday Pie

BirthdayPie The Girl had her 18th birthday this year. This year, when it came time to make the traditional cake, she put her foot down. Although she’s always eaten it, and often complimented it, she says she doesn’t like cake. Well, I’ll admit I’d noticed that everyone in the family prefers the icing, but I never expected anyone to out and out refuse my cake.

I make it from scratch. It tends to be a little too moist and heavy, but I like it that way. So of course I offered to buy a box of cake mix in any flavor she might want, even though I wouldn’t be able to eat any of it if she picked chocolate or strawberry.

Nope. No cake at all. I suppose since she doesn’t like muffins this makes sense. What she wanted was banana pudding pie. So that’s what I made her.

I like to think I am an open minded, generous parent. Apparently this is not so. She was very happy with her birthday pie, and informs me I should have been doing that all along. What’s more, I’ve been overbearing for having forced her to eat cake instead of pie all her life.

How dare I impose a cake tradition on her for all these years. Although she has objected before, I never really took it seriously. But looking back on it, was I imposing my preconceptions on her? Is that a bad thing?


Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Jack: Theodor? Her name is Jill, right? Where are you?

Previously in Jack and Jill: Shades
The theme for this week’s Jack and Jill is “Adirondack” as suggested by Alice
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Alicia, Sally, and Liam walked along the dirt road from Sally’s house to Liam’s. Along the way they passed the grain silo that Liam’s father had tried to build. Before it was complete the money ran out. There had never been a roof.

“What a waste of money,” Sally said. “He’d have been better off just building a roof than building the walls but not the roof.

“You’re the only family without one,” Alicia said.

“But we do have one. It’s brought us more money, too.”

“Where?” Alicia looked around.

“Underground behind that little fence.” Liam pointed.

“He means the missile silo,” Sally said.


The Hub: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
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13 Places Where a Cough is Unwelcome

I have had a persistent cough most of my life. Most of the time I don’t really pay attention, but lately I’ve found that it has probably closed a lot of doors that I didn’t realize were being closed by my cough. Here are 13 places where people would not want to see someone coughing.

1. In the kitchen, particularly of a restaurant.
2. In an operating room.
3. In a nursery school.
4. In an old folk’s home.
5. In a research lab.
6. Back stage during a performance.
7. On a sound stage.
8. In church.
9. Before a kiss.
10. In a movie theater
11. In an airplane
12. In an electronic parts factory
13. In a florist shop

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Suzie’s House 406 : The Connection Between Old and Young

Suzie's House

Walter loved to walk down State Street. Especially on days with such clear blue skies. Of course, plenty of other people liked to come here on a nice day, too. That was half the fun. He could simply shuffle along; looking like the old man he was and enjoying the sights.

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I guess I’m in a progress type mood. On Thursday I looked at my New Years resolutions and considered how I was doing on them. I bit off more than I could chew, but I already knew that.

I’ve made tolerable progress on the writing front, but clearly bit off more than I can chew. There’s no way I’ll get all five books revised this year. I’m still going to shoot for two, but I’ll probably let the rest slide into next year.

On the health front I’m both doing better than expected and doing worse. I’ve been sticking to the Lifestyle Balance diet. It’s seriously paying off. I feel healthier over all and am more mobile, but I’ve learned that my hips were even worse than I thought.

It just means I’m going to have a harder time coming up to snuff, but at least I have every reason to think I CAN get my health back. For a while, I wasn’t so sure.

So I guess for the most part I’ll just keep going.



Jack(to himself): Yep, I’ve got it made in the shade. I don’t want to change a single thing about myself. I’m not lonely at all. There’s no point in thinking about something that never ever happened. All that time travel stuff is just crazy talk. My wife was never born because her mother accidentally killed her great grandfather? Hah! As if. It’s not like I’ve ever seen….. (turn) Eeek!

Previously in Jack and Jill: Blowing Smoke At the Smoke House Bar and Grill aka Denial

The theme for this week’s Jack and Jill is “shade” as suggested by Jannie Funster
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The Tell Tale Faucet

“Sure, Honey. Have a good time.” Fred didn’t think twice about it when his wife told him to turn the sprinklers off. He changed channels on the TV and completely forgot about the water.

“Dear, did you turn the water off like I asked?” She came home late at night and crawled into bed with him.

“Yeah, yeah.” He rolled over.

“But I keep hearing water dripping.”

First thing in the morning his little “white” lie was quickly revealed, and their basement flooded.

The Hub: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Photo credit: Madison Woods


13 Resolutions

Now and then I like to stop and check my progress.

1. I am down more than 15 pounds since February.

2. I have set up an appointment for a full hip replacement in October.

3. I routinely go out walking or bicycling for half an hour a day.

4. Sometimes I eat salad. :)

5. I am on page 82 of revisions on Beautiful Spanish Hussy.

6. I still visit the blog of everyone who leaves a usable link in their comments on this one, but my posts aren’t quite as regular.

7. I haven’t touched Remember Me, but I have been thinking about the plot.

8. I haven’t touched Crazy About You, but I made some decisions about how I’ll approach it.

9. No Progress at all on Attack of the Killer Airheads.

10. No progress on Boys Will Be Boys. I don’t have to get this done all at once, do I?

11. NaNo isn’t until November. I already have a rough outline for it.

12. I’ll wait until Beautiful Spanish Hussy is published to promote it. Probably next year at this rate.

13. New computer is up, running, and already collecting bugs.

For more lists of Thirteen, visit Thursday Thirteen


Suzie’s House 405 : Clear Blue Sky III

Suzie's House

On impulse, Emma looked straight up at a clear blue sky, but her mask slipped a little so it was hard to see. She reached up and shifted it, and the buildings of State Street came into view, but feathers obscured the sky.

To think somewhere out there her father was doing his best to come home. They would finally be a family again. She couldn’t wait to see him.

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Fast Women by Jennifer Crusie p.404

Trevor took a gun out of his coat pocket,and he was clumsy enough that Nell gave up on any thought of making a run for it. She didn’t want to be the one who finally prodded Trevor into an impetuous streak, especially if he was armed and awkward.

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