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A Life On the Shelf

Ruth stood in front of the curios cabinet. Hank put the shell in the niche on the lower left the day they came back from Coney Island. Martin put the feather on the top left the first time he visited after completing his bird book. Matt gave her the jar full of match heads. She wasn’t sure what that was about and wasn’t going to ask. Ted placed the painted pebble in the center niche the day he won his first award. Seems everyone had contributed something. Ruth stood there with her feather duster and considered what to do with it all.

The Challenge: Write a story in 100 words or less
The Hub: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
The Photo Credit: Claire Fuller


Cecer Village

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Our guide for the the Komodo portion of the trip – I mean everything from Bali until we left – comes from the Manggarai tribe. He took us home to visit with his people. This was a day long excursion that involved a drive along the twisty roads of Flores.

Flores is only 220 miles long from tip to tip. Back home that would be about three and a half hours. We only went about ten miles along the spine of the island, and it took over an hour. It wasn’t unusual to hit a curve that felt fast at five miles an hour.

We were greeted by a dozen women playing gongs, drums, etc. It was such beautiful music. I really wish I could have bought a recording of it. The men shook hands with us and guided us into the town’s central hut. There we faced off – our group and the men of the village.

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Suzie’s House 479 : A Hitch in the Hinge

Suzie's House

The door to the closet had come unhinged. It had a tendency to fall off the rail along the top in the first place, but the weird hinge on either end had never been a problem before. Ethan had no idea how he was supposed to fix it. Somehow, it all seemed a little too symbolic of his life. He planned on a bad rail, and ended up unhinged instead.

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Over the Edge by Suzanne Brockmann p.367

He saw her fire, and realized. It was a doll she was holding. He was going to die for a fking plastic doll.

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A Traditional Weave

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We went to Cecer Village to see the whip dance. While we were there we wandered in and out of various homes. This weaver was working hard in one of them. Her loom was modest, but she produced their traditional clothing quickly.

Cecer is home to many people in the Manggarai tribe. The village elders work hard to maintain the tribe’s traditional way of life. The weaving and wearing of a tube of cloth which is treated as a skirt is part of it.

Both men and women wear this tube. The women wear it long with the excess fabric pulled tight around the waist and tied. The men might wear it long or short and roll the waist.

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What Gives?

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I’m busy with work. I’m going to lay off the blogging for a few days. I’ll visit everyone who comments, but won’t post until next Monday.


Suzie’s House 478 : Poetic License

Suzie's House

”It’s good. Right?” Miranda leaned back in her ergonomic office chair and smiled.

“Yeah. It’s good.” Her colleague pursed his lips and nodded. “It’s pretty slick the way you get the lyrics to match up with the shot of the car driving off the lot.”

Miranda beamed. She was proud of herself not only for her artistic efforts on this particular ad, but for the way she’d been able to use Malaprop songs with her biggest account. Everything was finally coming together just the way it should.

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Pink Beach

150815n 007

After wandering around on Komodo Island, searching for dragons, we hopped on the boat and puttered around to a beach. The beach in question is just down the way from the docks to the preserve – on Komodo Island.

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Come Hll or High Water

Old Man Matheson put on his galoshes in the mudroom.

“Are you crazy?” His daughter hovered over him, wringing her hands. “Do you have any idea what it’s like out there?”

“If I let a little bit of weather stop me, I’ll never get any exercise. It’s now or never.” He heaved to his feet.

“A little weather?”

He opened the door, then stopped. The front yard was completely under water.

“That isn’t weather. That’s a hurricane!” His daughter pointed at the rising waters. “Now close the door!”

The Challenge: Write a story in 100 words or less
The Hub: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
The Photo Credit: © CEAyr



150814n 208
There is a dragon in this picture. See him? He’s right out front! Still don’t? That’s pretty much the story of our visit to Komodo National Park. Well, partly.

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Suzie’s House 477 : The Parts Vs The Whole

Suzie's House

Emma clung to the microphone as the other members of her band came into the studio. The glass between the studio and the sound room wasn’t really a two way mirror, but it was definitely easier to see into the studio than to see into the sound room. Everyone had looked like shadows through the glass.

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Over the Edge by Suzanne Brockmann p.207

Because she’d been drunk, she reminded herself as she found herself inches from his well-muscled, half-naked, sinfully attractive body. Too drunk to know that inside that deliciously wrapped package lived a complete and total jerk.

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Indonesian Chicken

150810n 344

It seems every place I have gone that had handy access to an ocean has included a steady diet of chicken. Yeah, chicken.

Fish, too, of course, but I expect fish. In Belize and Mexico the chicken surprised me. By the time I hit Indonesia, I half way expected it.

In the other places, I didn’t see very many chickens roaming around. In Indonesia they were everywhere. Well, everywhere except places like Komodo Island. I get the feeling they don’t live long there.

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Working Conditions

“This way.” Ken jangled the keys as he walked through the storage unit.

“You expect me to organize your storage unit for minimum wage?” Marge scowled. Her boss never knew where to draw the line. “I expect hazard pay.”

“No, no, no. It’ll be easy. We’ll just slip in and grab the box of files then head back to the office. See, I’ve got this new shelving system…” He unlocked a unit and rolled up the door.

A tower of beer cans, a trophy moose head, some tackle, and parts from a motorcycle all cascaded into the hall.

“We just need to set it up.”

The Challenge: Write a story in 100 words or less
The Hub: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
The Photo Credit: Amy Reese


Open Market and Hospitality in Flores

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Flores’s main claim to fame is its proximity to Komodo Island. It’s the closest place with suitable accommodations, and thus is considered a gateway to Komodo National Park. The island itself is very long and thin, running almost exactly east-west. It is essentially the ridge of a mountain range. That means there is precious little in the way of flat spots, and the roads are all very twisty.

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