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The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett p. 161

Some pirates achieved immortality by great deeds of cruelty or derring-do. Some achieved immortality by amassing great wealth. But the captain had long ago decided that he would, on the whole, prefer to achieve immortality by not dying.

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Christmas in a Box

I keep Christmas in a box. It’s a very large, plastic box with “Christmas” sharpied on the sides. The idea is that when Christmas rolls around I can find all the decorations wrapping, etch that I need in the box.

This year we lost the box.

I’m not sure if it’s still out at the storage unit or buried too deep in the shed for anyone to fine. Regardless, Christmas isn’t available this year.

I’m actually okay with that. I’m not in the mood to deal with the thousand strings of lights, half of which are burned out but might be salvageable or the garlands that are getting a bit ratty, or the ornaments my kids made when they were little. I didn’t work very hard to find Christmas.

We made an emergency run to Walmart. For $30 I got all the lights, garlands, and ornaments I need for our two-dimensional Christmas tree. That was as much as anyone wanted anyway. We set it up today Quick, cheap, easy, and the cats love it.


The Last 13 Things I Have Done


In reverse order:

1. Come up with this post.
2. Read a few chapters of a manga called Gantz.
3. Realized I needed a T13 post. Drew a blank.
4. Read a few chapters of a manga called History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi.
5. Snacked on carrots.
6. Read Gantz
7. Discussed snow storms and travel plans
8. Ate seafood stir fry for supper.
9. Ok, there’s a lot more reading and eating, but I’ll skip to more highlights. Went to the gym and used the elliptical machine. Ellipticals are great for my hip.
10. Got up this morning. You can kind of assume I went to bed a few hours earlier.
11. Drove through a snow storm at night.
12. Took pictures of various animals – none of which came out.
13. Took pictures of Mammoth Hot Springs – some of which came out.


Suzie’s House 484: Jumping the Gun

Suzie's House

“It’s not my fault.” Lisa sounded even more prickly than Tracy expected.

“When did I say it’s your fault.” Tracy couldn’t help getting a little defensive as she leaned over to look at Lisa’s laptop. “I’m just saying…. I don’t know! It’s just… forty two? Seriously? Only forty two?”

“That’s forty two hits in two days, and it’s only on youtube. I mean, we haven’t put the music video anywhere else yet. Right? Once we get it on Facebook and everything….” Lisa sucked her lips in doubtfully. “I’ve seen a lot of videos that have been online for longer and got less hits than that. Besides, we don’t even have the album sales info yet. Right?”

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Black Friday

150809n 988

When did Black Friday become a good thing? yeah, I’m behind the times. The original deaths were years and years ago. It’s just that I never felt compelled to join the crush just for a random chance at maybe a good deal on a handful of items.

I did try it once, years ago. By the time I got there around nine am the shelves with the good deals were all stripped bare already. None of it was stuff I really wanted to begin with. I haven’t bothered since.

Maybe that’s not entirely true. I haven’t bothered with any of the box stores. I did, however, try to make a quick trip into a fabric store for a particularly good deal. I was smart enough to grab a number before making my selection, and still ended up waiting for ten people ahead of me at the cutting table.

But it gets to me when I keep running into people who looked forward to it.


13 Feathers



Suzie’s House 483 : Making Movies

Suzie's House

Lisa wasn’t sure if she could use any of the film footage later, but she certainly was having fun. She dropped to her knees in front of Bruce, panned up along his stand to the underside of his keyboard, then zoomed in on his face.

Normally she considered Bruce’s innate machismo nauseating. He was too brutal to be an oaf, but not smooth enough to be cool. Or so she thought until today. On film, with that narrow-eyed, knowing expression taken from this angle, he looked pure cool. Unless something weird turned up in the background that she didn’t notice now, it would be a keeper.
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The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett p.124


Ever since he was two years old he had been captivated by the pictures of the fiery beasts in The Octarine Fairy Book. His sister had told him they didn’t really exist, and he recalled the biter disappointment. If the world didn’t contain those beautiful creatures, he’d decided, it wasn’t half the world it ought to be. And then later he had been bound apprentice to Ninereeds the Masteraccount, who in his gray mindedness was everything that dragons were not and there had been no time for dreaming.

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Seems like I hardly even announced that I was participating in this years National Novel Writing Month before I won it!

This does not mean the book it done. I have a long way to go in search of a completed plot line, but I’ve achieved the 50,000 plus words of the NaNo challenge. Yay!

Every book is a little different. This one was quite a bit different in process than previous efforts. I did not write anything out ahead of time – no synopsis, and no spreadsheets. But I wasn’t flying into the mist. I had been thinking about various aspects of this story for a couple of years now. But it wasn’t all clear in my mind as I sat down to write – only bits and pieces.

So in a way, it was a bit like when I wrote Uru – a 75,000 Camp NaNo book that I wrote a few years ago. In a way, nothing like it.

At some point I gave up trying to follow a timeline entirely. I jump from scene to scene, writing whatever comes to mind. I can already see more or less how it will all shake into place in the revisions, so I’m still writing with confidence. But I can’t use the end of the previous scene to tell me what to write next. It jumps around too much.

For now, I’ll just celebrate the word count.


13 Words

150810n 448

Guess who is trying to come up with a Thursday Thirteen after bad time?

1. National
2. Novel
3. Writing
4. Month
5. is
6. in
7 November.
8. How
9. many
10. words
11. have
12. you
13. written?

I’m up to 40,000 already. It’s one of my better noveling years. The photo is from dolphin chasing in Bali.


Suzie’s House 482 : Bearding the Lion

Suzie's House

On one of those rare days when Miranda made it home early but Vin was still out working, she sat in their room and painted her nails. Yesterday they were red talons. Today she’d only had time to add a pink top edge to hide the chipping. Today she’d go with tri-color slanted stripes. She had all but one nail done when the kids knocked on her door.

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10 Years

150811n 535

I missed my ten-year blog anniversary. It came and went last September. I didn’t notice.

A lot has changed in ten years. Back then I lived in a different city, though still Western Montana. My kids were in grade school. My world revolved around parent teacher meetings, cooking, cleaning, and this newfangled thing called the internet.

Avon – the publisher, not the location – held a contest for new authors. I participated in that contest. It is still vivid in my mind. Most of my early posts were about it.

Within a few months I started the serial Suzie’s House. That means I’ve been at it for nearly ten years now. In fact, I’ll be posting another one the day after tomorrow.

Since then I’ve greatly increased the number of times I post about my travels and decreased the amount of writing talk. I totally dropped the recipes and homespun posts. And Jack and Jill died and ignoble death.

I’ve still got my eye on the future, and still intend to blog, though many, many of my blogging buddies have fallen away. Maybe in another ten years I’ll have a blog anniversary that I will remember.



Carl hadn’t gone up on a roof himself in ten years. With one thing or another, his whole crew walked just as the millionaire hired him to roof a set of three. He scraped his knees and bruised his thumb, but got it done. Even the last roof with all the color tiles that had to be done just so – he did it on deadline. When he went for his pay, the owner changed his mind. He wanted the special tile on all three for the same price.

The Challenge: Write a story in 100 words or less
The Hub: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
The Photo Credit: Sandra Crook


13 New To Me Bands/Musicians

Recently I’ve been discovering bands and musicians I really like that turn out to have been around for a while. Sometimes quite a while. It reminds me of when a friend discovered Pink Floyd about ten years ago. How did I miss these guys the first time around?

Some haven’t been around all that long, but clearly a lot of people already know about them.

1. Dave Navarro

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Election Day

I’m sorry about Suzie’s House. I’m just not up to it today.