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The Wives of Henry VIII

Was there ever such a mixed blessing for a noble woman as to attract the eye of Henry VIII? Once he dealt with that messy little church issue, it wasn’t hard to become his queen. Staying that way could be another matter.

Mr Al is in rare form on this, his first series of guest posts here in Alice’s Restaurant.

Mr. Al’s first Tudor Thingy
Guest Blog with Mr. Al: The Tudors
Tudor Follies Continued – Anne Boleyn
Three Men and a Tudor.
The Tudors – Henry and Anne Get It On.
What Katherine Wanted
The Tudors: Anne In The Way
The Tudors: The End of Anne Boleyn
Tudors: The Rise and Fall of Jane Seymour
The Tudor Follies: “Next!”
The Tudor Follies: How Ugly Was She?
Tudor Follies: Anne of Cleves and the Royal Willie
Tudor Follies: The Sad Tale of Katherine Howard
Tudor Follies: A Queen Besieged
Tudor Folley’s: Feeding Katherine Howard To The Wolves
Tudor Follies: Teaching the Howards a Lesson
Tudor Follies: Courtship, Henry Style
The Tudor Follies: Marital Bliss with Henry
Tudor Follies: A Conversational Gambit
And even more Tudor stuff
Tudor Follies: Arm Chair Theologians
Tudor Follies: the End of Henry


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