I updated both WordPress and Atahualpa. Apparently I should not have. As you see, I’ve had a bit of a melt down where my header is concerned. I’ve already been working on it for a day with no solutions in sight. I couldn’t even get a widget set up that would give you access to my pages. So for the time being, please accept this:

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Nothing is eternal and unchanging, least of all the Internet. In the seven years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve seen so many changes. Some of them are remarkably large. For instance, when I started, MySpace was considered more important than Facebook. Youtube was independent. I’d never heard of Etsy.

Some were very personal, like when a friend first told me she didn’t consider blogging relevant anymore and disappeared from my life, or like when two of the men who used to visit regularly died within a couple of years of each other.

Some changes are just annoying – like the way Photobucket now makes my computer crash regularly from all the ad scripts, or the way Etsy took away all control of how a shop looks in favor of a kind of corporate homogeneity.

Slow evolutions of popularity are everywhere. When I first started doing Thursday Thirteen there were between 200 and 300 participants each week. Now there are barely a dozen. Fiction Friday 55 seems to have died out completely. Two different food oriented bloghops folded under me, and I threw in the towel on Photohunt when it split in two and dwindled.

So I suppose it should be no surprise that my blog might undergo a few changes, too. I suppose what’s different this time is that most of the changes I’ve made on my site have been a result of inspiration. I thought running polls could be entertaining. I still do, so I’ll keep it up a while though I don’t change it every week as originally planned. I thought The Serialists would be a good idea, and that I could do it well. I still think I was right about the good idea part.

As to my header? I despair of ever getting it fixed right.


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