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Birthday Season

The end of May brings with it the end of Birthday Season for my family. With one exception, we were all born in the Spring. For a few months it’s one after another. It’s not quite as intense as Christmas, but there is much the same feel.

By the time it’s over I will have made three cakes, and mailed at least one package. This year I very nearly forgot Mr. Al’s birthday. Not that I overlooked him, but rather I got busy with other things and didn’t realize what the date was until the day after. Talk about scrambling. I already had his gift. I just didn’t fork it over on the right day.

Some friends still haven’t received anything. But they know me well. Their birthday gifts will arrive in time for Christmas.


6 comments to Birthday Season

  • Late spring birthdays are tough on the pocketbook, coming right along with Mother’s Day and then Father’s Day. I’ve got sister, MIL and father’s birthday all in that timeframe, made a little easier by my decision to quit getting gifts for my sister, since she has never given me so much as a phone call or email. That doesn’t get me off the hook for the rest of it, though!

  • March is the busiest month for birthdays in my family (half a dozen in the first four days alone). I’ve pretty much written everyone off this year, with the exception of one sister and family. I have seven siblings and only heard from one of them on my birthday — no card, no email, no phone call save for the one sister. I get tired of being the only one putting forth any effort to keep in touch with people. Communication is a two-way street.

  • ha. its funny how that works….in a matter of ten days at the end of september and early october…my wife and both boys have birthdays…

  • I am not good with birthday either. I have a reminder for keeping track with birthdays

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