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Post Hip Replacement – Week 3

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So, did I mention I’m learning to walk again? Or so my physical therapist thinks. Frankly, I could limp along just fine the day after surgery. I haven’t bothered with a cane for over a week. If I leave the house, I bring it with me just in case I have to walk on snow or ice, but I don’t even pretend to use it. I just carry it in my hand like a baton.

The physicians assistant and the physical therapist and the nurses in the hospital all said the best thing to do to recuperate is to walk. However, they are quite clear that just any old ambulation isn’t going to cut it. I have to walk with good poster.

I haven’t bothered with good poster in years! I like to limp. I limp and gimp and sidle and anything else it takes to get from one place to another with as little pain as possible. It makes for some very bad habits.

So the physical therapist has me doing “pre-walking exercise.” This involves shifting weight from side to side and from front to back. We aren’t even up to a waddle, but it’s fun to do.

I’m thinking I’d like to rev it up a bit. Like maybe make a mini teeter totter for the side to side thing. Seems like that might be more fun. As for the front and back thing…. Well as soon as I find my treking poles I’m going to just go walking. I’d do without, but it’s still icy around here.

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8 comments to Post Hip Replacement – Week 3

  • I’m hoping the weather clear a bit for my client has his hip replacement.
    As I look out my window it snowing…ugh
    Coffee is on

    • The snow is definitely crimping my style, but I get the feeling the medical people don’t expect me to be doing all that much walking in actuality. They keep telling me I’m way ahead of the curve. Probably because I’m a decade or two younger than most of their patients.

  • When I broke my foot, I used my cane throughout the three months I was in the boot, not because I needed it to get around, but to help prevent falls.

    Use the cane. Don’t lean on it, but have it touching the ground with each step. You’re in no position to tolerate a fall on that hip right now.

    • If I let the cane touch the ground, I automatically start leaning into it. I do worry a bit that I won’t be fast enough getting it into position, but mostly just use it on bad surfaces.

  • Just caught up on the last three hip replacement posts. Sounds like it’s improving, but in a frustratingly slow way? I hope warm weather arrives soon so you can get out.

  • Glad to hear you’ve survived. I knew this was coming, but not when.

    Do the rehab – it’s much harder without the support structure when you’re trying to do it on your own. And get it as good as you can – it has a tendency to get worse as time goes on unless you do something deliberate to make it better.

    Sigh. I’m still damaged from back surgery in 2006.

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