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A Totally Random 13

1. Can I count the picture? It’s a random shot from the window of the bus while on my trip to Indonesia nearly two years ago.

2. My recovery is going great. I haven’t been able to walk this well in months. It’s much less painful than even in the middle of that exercise and diet program I was on.

3. I went to my six-week post op appointment yesterday. The doctor says I’m all good to go. The next appointment is in a year.

4. At that stage I will probably have to have the other hip replaced. It started clicking nearly a year ago. I mean the bad click, not the okay click.

5. I can now officially cross my ankles! Yay!

6. Don’t tell my doctor, but I’ve been crossing them by accident for quite a while already.

7. I’m already in the thick of tax season.

8. My balances keep getting messed up. This should be a no brainer! Why is it taking so long?

9. Could it be the psychology of doing taxes on a laptop from an easy chair while recovering from hip replacement surgery?

10. Nah!

11. I will only count myself recovered when I can get back to sitting in my office for hours a day. Right now it hurts to sit in my office chair for more than a few minutes.

12. Maybe I need a new chair.

13. I wonder if I can fit the easy chair into my office.


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