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Suzie’s House 501: A Hand in the Cookie Jar

Suzie's House

“A singer! What a wonderful choice!” Sonoma beamed her approval across the kitchen table at Emma. Trent nodded agreement.

Emma knew she shouldn’t take it too personally. She had only known the old couple for a matter of hours. Still. She couldn’t help grinning under her blush. She might not need their approval – as they would be the first to say – but she sure liked it.

If it hadn’t been the middle of the night in Mrs. H’s house, she’d have burst into song to demonstrate.

“That is something your brother can’t take away from you.”

Emma nodded agreement, but under her breath, she said, “unless he damages my vocal cords or something.”

“Pardon?” Trent tipped his ear toward Emma in a distinctly “I’m part deaf” gesture.

“It… it’s nothing,” Emma muttered.

“Nothing you say is nothing.” Sonoma looked at her with sharp eyes. “Humor us old folks. We really want to know.”

“I… I said, unless he hurts me. Then he can make me stop.” That was what really drove Emma’s fears. Sure, Jame’s comments were bad for her self confidence, but his threats were worse.

“She’s got a point.” Sonoma’s gray eyebrows winged up.

“We can fix that.” Trent set down the last few bites of his cookie. He pushed himself to his feet with obvious effort. “Come on. Get up.”

Emma glanced at Sonoma, who showed no intention of getting to her feet.

“I’m talking to you young miss. Time to learn some self defense.” He gave Sonoma an arch look.

For next half an hour they all worked off their midnight snacks. It turned out they were both black belts, but in different kinds of martial arts. They showed her how to protect her neck, how to get out of holds, and how to hit back. She got a thrill out of thinking she could actually learn this like some kind of James Bond type.

You’d think they’d all be too tired to do any of it, but Emma just felt stronger and stronger and the old folks seemed alright with it. She totally lost track of the time until things got a little out of hand and she landed on the kitchen floor with a thud.

Half a second later, the heavy thud of footsteps coming down the stairs and up the hall to the kitchen bore down on them .

“Oops,” Trent said.

“Uh oh.” Sonoma looked at him with a mix of guilt and worry.

“What. Are. You. Doing. In the middle of the night!” Drew roared as he stepped into the kitchen. Then he clapped eyes on Emma as Trent helped her to her feet. The look of shock on his face struck her as hillarious “Emma?”

She started giggling. Trent and Sonoma joined in, if a bit hesitantly.

“These two don’t surprise me at all. But Emma. I thought you were more mature.” Drew shook his head in wonder and everyone else laughed even harder.

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