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Suzie’s House 504 : Giggling with the Girls

“Are you sure it’ll be alright?” Katy kind of smirked a little as she asked. She already had her backpack full of school books slung over one shoulder.

Alisha smirked back, but Kate didn’t have the heart to play along. Instead, she focused on putting away the pens and notebooks and stuff on her desk.

There was a band meeting tonight. She knew she should go, but did it really make a difference? It wasn’t like she’d speak up even if she ever actually did have an opinion on anything the band did. Still, to skip out entirely made her feel a bit like a good girl playing truant. Like she was somehow in the wrong.

“Right. Will your boyfriend really let you play around like this?” Alisha’s smirk got sharper.

“What?” Her boyfriend? It took Kate a minute to remember she had one.

Come to think of it, Justin was going to be pissed. He’d given her a funny look when she said she was going to hang with her home girls instead. Almost like he thought she was rejecting him, and he wasn’t surprised.

No. She was probably reading too much into it.

“Wait. What do you mean about playing around,” Kate asked. “We’re just….”

“Going to a party!” Alicia and Katy spoke in unison, grinned and nodded to each other.

“Yeah, but…” Kate swallowed her complaint. They didn’t have to make it sound so bad, did they? It wasn’t like she would be unfaithful. “Just because neither of you have a boyfriend right now.”

That got then. Both of them had said they had boyfriends over summer vacation, but then didn’t have anyone to show off once school started. They both glared at her for a minute. Only for a minute. They both had too good a mood going for a little comment to put them off.

“Come on. Let’s go. I’ve got everything ready for our magical transformations.” Alicia lead the charge from the classroom with chin high.

Kate sucked her lips in worriedly, but followed. When they looked back, she even managed to smile.

She owed this. It wasn’t like she was really doing anything wrong. The album was cut. The video in the can. They didn’t have any gigs coming up soon, and no one expected her to write any songs. So the guys in the band should understand. Right? Right?

Katy and Alicia and… right. Emma. It had been the four of them for so long. But now Katy and Alicia didn’t want anything to do with Emma, and Emma didn’t seem to mind at all! It was like she thought these, their original best friends were really friends!

“Did you get the lipstick?” Alicia bumped shoulders with Katy.

“Got it right here in my bag.”

The two of them walked a couple of paces ahead of Kate, who had to hurry up so people in the hall didn’t get between them.

Kate saw Justin in the hallway. He looked at her with cold eyes. She kind of raised a hand to wave at him, but then just hurried up to catch up with her friends.

Showing him off in front of Alicia and Katy had been fun for a the first few weeks they were going out, but now Justin just annoyed her.

“Oooooh, there goes your BOYFRIEND, Kate.” Katy dropped back to nudge her.

“Sooooo…. how far have the two of you gone?”

Kate was about to say they’d gone as far as Chicago, though that had been with the rest of the band and that shady uncle of Bruce’s.

“We saw you kissing. That doesn’t count. I want to know if you went all the way.” Alicia clarified.

“Oh! I…” Was it bad that she was still a virgin? Not that Justin never tried anything. Just… after a while she always broke it off and went home. She didn’t want to admit that to her friends. It didn’t sound romantic. “Well, what about your guys? Did you both do it over vacation?”

They weren’t listening anyway.

“I’m going to get myself a new man,” Alicia crowed. “A senior! It a party held by a senior, isn’t it? There are bound to be plenty of great guys to go around.”

“Me too!” Katy did a little jig. “I’m going to land a better boyfriend tonight.”

Kate looked over her shoulder, but Justin was no where to be seen. Not him or any of the others.

Kate put her guilt aside. No matter what, she was going to take a little vacation from the band. She was going to have fun tonight, even if her friend, Emma, and her boyfriend, Justin, were too busy hanging out with the rest of the band to understand. Kate was not going to cave in to pressure. She was not going to the band meeting tonight.

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