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Toward the end of the day we hiked up Holy Mountain – also known as Helgafell. I didn’t get my act together fast enough. I missed whatever the guide might have said on the hike up and down the mountain. Just as well, as my pen was out of juice. So this is all based on memory.

Helgafell is about 250 feet high. We hiked to the top, looked at the views and the little stone room at the top, then hiked back down in less than an hour.

This is a popular tourist stop, but it is privately owned.

By tradition, you’re supposed to have a wish in mind as you go up in silence without looking back. I failed in every respect. I had no particular wish. I talked before even starting up, And I took a ton of pictures of the view behind me as I went up, knowing our group would be in every shot if I didn’t.

So, basically, this is what it looked like:


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