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Stykkisholmur Hotel

My Fictioneer’s post this week really is fiction, but there’s an element of the autobiographical. Marge and Jane, two of my regularly reoccurring characters, are entirely made up. The person who fell off the bed was me.

It happened at the Hilton in Reykjavik. I got wedged with my feet on the bed and my back on the wall, laughing so hard I couldn’t get up. This was probably quite dangerous with my total hip replacement having happened a mere four and a half months earlier. I was a bit stiff, but otherwise suffered no damage.

All the beds we stayed in for the whole trip were a bit on the small side. Not really short, but a bit narrow. The narrowest was in Greenland, where the accommodations were all very humble. At one point I looked around our room and realized that I’d been in yurts that were more luxurious.

As to the bathtub issue – that is also real. There was one in our room in Reykjavik, but all the rest of the trip were only showers. We were directed to a public bath across the street at one point. You have to pay for it – about what you’d expect for using a public swimming pool.

The accommodation I found most intriguing was this shower in Stykkisholmur. It doesn’t show in the picture very well, but there’s an arching glass door that swings across the wall out of the way, and acts as a shower stall wall when swung away from the fixtures. Otherwise it’s like one of those wet shower bathrooms in a camper.

This might all sound like our rooms were uniformly unimpressive. This was not so. What they might have lacked in size or bathroom fixtures, they made up for in interesting and luxurious details. Get a load of the lamp to the right. It’s made of Eiderdown. It was our ceiling fixture in our room in Stykkisholmur.


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