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Godafoss Waterfall

Godafoss aka Waterfall of the Gods got it’s name when one of the Iceland’s parliament members threw his Norse god statues into the waterfall to show his devotion when Christianity was adopted as the official religion in 1000. It is glacier run off that falls 40 feet to pool.

From the road it just looks like another river.

It’s a fairly good hike along gentle, pathed paths from the parking to the overlook, the whole way along the river.

Back in 1000 AD, most people thought it was perfectly fine to remain pegan as long as you weren’t obvious about it.

And of course I found an alternate route, which I couldn’t resist.

The King of Norway at the time sent wood and a bell so a church could be built. The ones who built the church could collect the tithing.

But so did someone else. He just barged past me. I think anyone who photo bombs me has to assume they will end up on the internet. He’s good for size comparison anyway. Check out the people on the cliffs to the right.

Barely there rainbow.

Found another alternative route on the way back.

The advent of Christianity ushered in an era of literacy – mostly in the form of the bible, which was translated and printed in 1540.

Which held it’s own attractions.

Ran back along the main path for a view from the top.

Din’t have time to walk the path along the other side of the river.


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