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Food in Cabo

I was really hoping to be able to share some pictures of food with you, even if I couldn’t come up with a recipe this week. But alas. No go. I made the mistake of taking the pictures with my own camera, which I can’t down. As soon as I get a chance I’ll go to another camera store and try to replace the cord. My problem is the camera is a few years old, and discontinued. It’s getting hard to find things like memory chips and cords for it.

The food I had in mind was a bubbling cauldron made from volcanic stone served directly to our table. You really do have to see it. It was cool. We had a lot of cool food on this trip to Cabo San Lucas. I had prawns drowning in mango sauce, a salad featuring pickled heart of palm, and my own home-made fried chicken which turned out well.

Edited: 7/12/09 10:00 am

Can you tell I’m back in the USA?

I’ll be visiting at my mother’s house for a couple more days, then off to the Romance Writer’s convention, then back here. I intend to keep blogging, but my have some interruptions based on lack of internet access.

Meanwhile, my book is due back on my editor’s desk in a few days. Gotta go.

Edited: 07/12/09 3:24pm

Hey look who found her cord! It was under some kids clothes left on the floor. Anyway, here is the cauldron thing I wanted to show you:

They served it there in La Playa Grande at a restaurant called the Brigantine. When it arrived at the table the thing had been heated up and the liquid around all the seafood was bubbling. Half an hour later we were almost done and the liquid still bubbled. I looked around in the Mercado to see if anyone had a cauldron for sale, but there weren’t any volcanic anythings around – just silver, Fiesta style plates, T-shirts, and wrestling masks.

Anyway, the cauldron serves two. My mother and I split it. See the fancy plates they brought out for each of us? That’s a grilled chili looking all dark and smoldering on the right side of my plate. I love they way they mold the rice there. So cute.

This is what I had at Mi Casa:

Those shrimp were huge! The only ones I’ve ever had that were bigger were raw tiger prawns the size of my hands. These were merely palm sized. It came in mango sauce or tequila. I wish I’d gotten the tequila instead because it would have been flaming, which would have made for a better picture, but I was really in the mood for mango.

You should have seen the decor. It went really well with the plate.

This is the salad.

I know, it just looks like strips of chicken on lettuce, but it was really good. The heart of palm is hiding in the back there toward the right and left. There was also avocado and a really nice dip. Yum.


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