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Copyright Questions

This has come up a few times now, so I thought I better lay it all out there.Yes, you can swipe the button.  See the little link on it?

I do not in any way forfeit or relinquish my copyright on the original material I post on any part of my web site. If you steal my stuff, I will come after you. If you’re making money off me, I expect a cut.

That said, so long as you aren’t reposting my words on your site without attribution, or taking my pictures and putting them on T-shirts or something, I’m inclined to fairly generous.

Now comes the complicated part.


Anything that says www.AliceAudrey.com on it with no initials in front of it is mine. Either I took the picture in the first place or I had my kids take the picture under my direction. (For some reason they freak out when I take pictures while driving. Something about inadvertent lane changes I think.)

So long as you keep the part that says www.AliceAudrey.com you are welcome to copy it and share it all you want. Put in on your iPhone, email it to your mother, make a stack of them and email it to everyone on your forward list. I don’t care. The www.AliceAudrey.com labels are fairly small and unobtrusive, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

If there are initials in front, then contact me before you copy. Those aren’t mine. I have to get a hold of the person who gave me permission to use the pictures and ask if it’s OK to pass them on.

If there isn’t either, then it’s something that was forwarded to me so that I neither hold the copyright, nor know who to contact. Same thing if someone else’s link is on the picture. You’ll have to go to that web site to ask about copyright issues.



If you want to take out a small section, and remember to attribute it to me, then by all means, you are welcome to do so. A small section would be anything less than 20% of the post in question. On a Flash Fiction Friday 55 we’re talking a sentence, maybe two. On a Suzie’s House we’re talking a couple of paragraphs. You want more than that, you better talk to me first.

The words of guest bloggers – including Mr. Al – are their business. If you want to quote them, you’ll have to take it up with them. I’ll gladly forward your email. It’ll help if you can point me to the specific blog so I can pretend I know what I’m talking about when I contact them.

I don’t expect any link-love here, but I sure do appreciate it. If you really want to share something like Jack and Jill, linking to it really is the best way.

Well, that’s about a clear as mud. As always, you can contact me at AliceAudreyJ @ yahoo . com with questions.

Wondering where to find the airplane picture? Click here.


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  • I remember when I used to blog at AOL Journals, some woman had copied one of my entire posts about Chicago and pasted it into her AOL J. Why? So she could snipe at what I had written. It was a pathetic attempt to get attention.

    I got the AOL people to take the entry down. She offered a left-handed apology because she was honestly embarrassed–she didn’t know that copying and pasting another’s words was six kinds of wrong.

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