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13 Places I Have Found Stray Socks

The kids get mad at me when I don’t keep their socks washed, then go and stuff them in the weirdest place. I have found them in:

1. In the very tip of a shoe. The shoe did not belong to the same person as the sock.

2. Scattered around the living room.

3. The Girl had a huge pile of them under her bed.

4. Under my bed. No matter how many times I tell the kids not to leave them there, that’s where their socks end up. We won’t discuss the smell.

5. Draped around a plant.

6. Under a carpet. Yes, under. We’re talking a wall to wall carpet, The sock, long out-grown, was discovered when the carpet was replaced.

7. In the cushions of the recliner.

8. Under the recliner, having apparently been pushed right past all the cushions.

9. On the porch.

10. In every conceivable part of the car. Except the engine. The sock in the engine is a whole ‘nother story.

11. Stuck to the inside of the washer days after all the laundry was done.

12. Under the kitchen table. Yeah, maybe I should sweep more often.

13. In the oven. I don’t know why.

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36 comments to 13 Places I Have Found Stray Socks

  • I’m scratching my head at the one in the oven. You’re either being haunted or visited by a mischievous elf.

  • After your comment, Janet, I tried to do a Fiction Friday 55 about how the sock got under the carpet based on my suppositions, but couldn’t make it believable, which makes me wonder – just how did that sock end up there?

    I’m not sure, but I suspect the sock in the oven was a science experiment. TWM, you might be right.

    Deb, The Boy does do his own laundry most of the time now. He spontaneously took it on himself. Maybe because it can take a day or two for me to get around to it and he wants to run tiny loads of five or six articles, which I won’t do. Still, his socks are piled in a heap on the kitchen floor right now.

    Anni, I suspect the sock draped on the plant was a joke. Come to think of it, maybe the one in the oven was too.

    The Girl is also claiming mismatched socks are in. This is a problem for her because I generally only buy the kind of socks that come six to a pack, all the same kind and color. I have no idea how many “pairs” have been separated.

    Heather, that totally sucks. I check the machines twice just because I’m retentive that way, but what a pain to have the neighbors sabotage you.

  • Ha Ha! That is too funny. Great idea for a post… very creative!

  • Sue

    Very cool list – my kids do this too. More are missing in action then actually clean in their drawers.

    Happy TT! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • In the oven?? Oh my … I don’t think I want to know. LOL!!! Happy Thursday, Alice! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • If you’ve ever read “Wayside School Is Falling Down”, then you know that the socks should be in the refrigerator.

  • I can relate to this one. I’m always fishing my granddaughter’s socks out of odd places. Of course, when we do the laundry, she has a bunch of clean socks that don’t match. We have a bin where we put these clean ones and call it Socks Without Partners. We do eventually match a few of them.

  • Good heavens!

    All my sock finds are so…pedestrian compared to you.

  • “1. In the very tip of a shoe. The shoe did not belong to the same person as the sock.”

    I think I just pulled something laughing.


    Happy TT!

  • Under the carpet!! That is so funny. Did the carpet laying guys leave it? And did they not miss it when they left?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Socks in the oven for a quick dry?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Fun,fun, fun.

  • Sasha Devlin

    This was hilarious! I’ve recently taken to leaving my socks next to the coffee table, where I frown at them in the morning.

  • We keep losing socks in the dryer. Two socks go in and only one comes out.

    Personally I think the static electricity and vortex made by the spinning dryer cause a little back hole to appear, and its just big enough to suck out one sock!

    Happy TT.

  • wow and hence i decided to keep a pair in my joggers all the time

    Not Afraid

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