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Thursday 13 – My Vacation

As some of you have noticed, I’ve been away. I went on vacation for a couple of weeks.

1. I had intended to at least have a post up every day. In the past I’ve set up posts ahead of time and/or been able to do posts from various hot spots. I’ve posted from libraries several times. No such luck this time.

2. I intended to post pictures. Most of the time I don’t get the pictures set up until I get back from a vacation because I’m too busy taking them, and don’t have time to put my name on them, etc. while on vacation. This time, I didn’t even get take that many.

3. I planned on playing a guessing game with you all involving the pictures I posted with you all guessing where I was. I guess it’s too late for that.

4. I went to Cabo San Lucas.

5. The first thing I ran into there was rumors that people were getting their passwords stolen there.

6. The second thing I ran into, was the discovery that I couldn’t even leave comments on a number of peoples blogs if I didn’t use passwords. As the laptop didn’t store any passwords, and my brain could only come up with a couple of them, it pretty much meant that I couldn’t leave comments most of the time.

7. As soon as I’m done unpacking, I’ll be by to visit. My desktop remembers all kinds of passwords.

8. It all became a moot point anyway, as the laptop died. Seriously. I’ve never seen a screen like this before, have you? My son says it means the hard drive is dead.

9. The third thing I ran into was a sunburn. It’s already peeling, and itches like crazy. I don’t tan. I burn, and peel, then burn some more. I don’t know why I thought spf 100 in a waterproof sunscreen would be enough. Silly me.

10. I spent a lot of my time shopping, but brought back very little in the way of souvenirs. Seriously, I ended up at a Mexican Walmart at least three times.

11. What did I get? Groceries. The place we stayed at had a kitchenette. We cooked most of our meals.

12. Cooking in a kitchen that only provides basic equipment and no basic food is trickier than I thought. The thing I missed the most was my spice rack, even though at home the thing I reach for the most is the flour canister.

13. I also learned that it’s a bad idea to buy clothing without trying it on. Apparently men’s size 32 is not the same in Mexico as in USA.


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