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13 Pictures of Cabo San Lucas

1. Cabo San Lucas is at the southern end of the Baja peninsula in Mexico. It’s got the Pacific on one side and a few miles away a huge bay on the other. You’d think it would be tropical. But no. It’s desert. Palm trees, cactus, and lots of dry dirt.

2. See what I mean? This is an arroio. When it finally rains, it’ll fill up with water. In the mean time, the locals use it as a road.

3. Pacific on one side (on the way to the resort)

4. Bay on the other (at the resort)

5. We passed a number of large sculptures set in the middle of meridians. And I thought they were making the dividers fancy around here.

6. There were a bunch of hawk circling around. I’m assuming they are hawks, but I’m not a birder. If anyone knows better, I don’t mind standing corrected.

7. I called this the pirate ship. It came and left on a regular schedule, moving along at a good clip without ever unfurling a real sail. I liked it much better than the party barge with a loud speaker that pulled in around midnight every night. Apparently Mexicans have to problem with people getting loud.

8. Yeah, yeah, same view I’ve been showing you for a while now, but isn’t this one an artsy shot? I thought it was cool.

9. Dig the go carts. On our way in we stopped off for groceries, so the poor bell hop had to fill the back with our luggage and drag along a side cart with our groceries. On one of the hills it looked like we weren’t going to make it, so I hopped out and ran along side. I’ll never hear the end of that one.

10. Yeah, another artsy shot. How could I resist?

11. Dig the bracelet I made at one of their free workshops.

12. What can I say. I liked the view.

13. This is part of the private beach on the opposite side of the resort. It’s a honking big resort. The beach is nice, but you can’t swim in the ocean right there because there’s a riptide. You have to walk to the end of the beach and go around some rocks to get to the swimming beach. However I saw a fair number of people fish there.


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