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Craters of the Moon

On our way to Cabo San Lucas, we stopped off at Craters of the Moon National Monument. For a measly ten dollars we got to spend the night at the campground there and for a few bucks extra we spent the next day driving around looking at “old” lava.

Craters is in central Idaho. Two thousand years ago there was a “hot spot” under the area. I’m talking volcanic here, not internet. As the earth’s crust passed over the hot spot, lava came out, leaving a trail of volcanoes. You have to drive about a hundred miles off the interstate to see Craters of the Moon, but I considered that well worth it.

Pretty desolate, eh? The temperatures are oven-hot in the day and fridge-cold at night. All that dry, black rock doesn’t help. At night, the sky is filled with stars like you wouldn’t believe. If I ever go back, I’m taking a telescope with me.


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