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I hate these introduce yourself sort of things, but apparently it’s got to be done. So who am I? I’m a writer. I started off writing Science Fiction. Now I write Romance. I write fun-loving Romantic Suspense, Historical Romance with elements of mystery and suspense, and “Sweet” Romance – which in my case – just means the editor took out the sex scenes.

First, how do you get a hold of me? You are welcome to put off-topic comments on my posts. I would ask that you refrain from doing so on Suzie’s House, and on guest posts, but otherwise, I’ve got no problem with it, and will probably notice and respond faster than with an email.

If you’ve never left a comment here before and want to say something off topic, I strongly recommend that you first say something about the post in which you are commenting. You need to say enough specific to that post that I know you aren’t spam. I get an incredible amount of spam and filter tightly.

Still want to email me? You can reach me at AliceAudreyJ at yahoo dot com. No spaces and convert the “at” into the symbol and the dot into a period.

I post regularly, and always try to visit the sites of those who leave comments, but I am no longer interested in playing hide and seek. If you haven’t heard from me in a day or two and I haven’t announced a vacation, then check the link you put in the comment form. I don’t mind clicking on a “blog” tab on your site, but if it takes much more than that to reach you, I probably never will.

If you absolutely must see what I look like, you can go here. Or you can check me out on Facebook. Assuming I still can’t get people to take the ugly things down. (Argh!) I’m on Twitter as AliceAudrey1 because I messed up when I first tried to sign up and ended up with AliceAudrey being taken up but not being able to access it. I don’t know how I do it, but I seem to manage that sort of thing fairly often.

Besides here, Twitter, and Facebook, I’m also at LinkedIn, BlogFrog, and Goodreads. Well, sometimes anyway. This is the only place you can be sure to find me.


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  • Steve E

    Suzie, or Audrey, or Alice–lone ago I asked a man how he stayed so much alive, at his age of 94. He said, “I take lots of naps.

    Well, at MY age (78 in May) “I take lots of blog-breaks

    I believe last one was in January, or whenever. But I do NOT wish to confuse a nice peep as Audrey, Suzie, or Alice…grin!

    Thank you for dropping by. I’m “out for awhile this time. Lucky Peeps!!!

  • Alice,

    Thank you so much for stopping by the Montana Romance Writers blog! And thank you for the nice post. I am loving your site!! …love the cemetery bit 🙂

    I just wanted to invite you to be a part of Montana Romance Writers if you’re interested. We’d love to have you.

    My e-mail is rionnamorgan@gmail.com or you can reach me through romanceinmontana@msn.com as well.

    All the Best,

  • Hi!

    I was recently referred to your site and was crazy enough to email you at the above address about some of the more specific questions I have.

    Love the comment about “Sweet” romance. That sounds like me. Plus, my adult daughter doesn’t want to read my smut.

    Anyway, I hope to hear from you.

    Anne Louise Bannon

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