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Suzie’s House Music

I make a lot of musical references in Suzie’s House. Some of them are direct, some subtle. You’ll see song lyrics in the titles and song titles in the text fairly often. Characters talk about bands and songs. Most of the time I try to keep my selections in character. Sometime I just let whatever is on my mind flow.

After a while, people couldn’t keep up with all the references. I started putting videos in my sidebar. My sidebar tends to be a bit active, and the videos couldn’t stay there, but I still have people who read Suzie’s House episodes long after they are posted. So, in reverse order, here are videos that match musical references.

In Suzie’s House 366 : Uncle John’s Band

BTW, I was in the audience.

In Suzie’s House 355 : When He Plays, No One Speaks you can see where I got the title.

I gave it that title because it got stuck in my head, and this was my way of getting rid of it. But as I listened to the lyrics afterword, I realized there are some parallels. Everything is a little off – but it connects. I suspect it will come up again at some point.

In Suzie’s House 340 : Looking For a Complication
I was looking for a title when this song came up on my MP3 player. Not only was it a good fit for the episode, it could be Drew’s personal anthem.

In Suzie’s House 339 : On the Road Again, Dudut-du-du-doooo-du duu du-du

In Suzie’s House 336: Have a Cigar

In Suzie’s House 335 : Where the Bass Belongs

In Suzie’s House 321 : Like Axel Rose, or Something

In Suzie’s House 305 : Fitting in Backstage and Suzie’s House 304 : The Real Reason They Went to the Show

Suzie’s House 299 : Name Game

Suzie’s House 285: The Sound of Music

From Suzie’s House 282 : A Dark and Snowy Night

What is “Kiss Style”?

In Suzie’s House 281:Stage Fright – Preamble I mention this incident:

In Suzie’s House 280: The Power of a One Man Band
Bruce plays this instrument.

In Suzie’s House 279: Band Meeting I mention a few songs/bands outright. For those who aren’t familiar – or who, like me, know it when they hear it but not by title – here’s what I was talking about:

It wasn’t entirely in character. Bruce really is a fan of dubstep (Skrillex and Bassnectar), but the rock tunes the band is planning on playing were simply the last three songs to come up on my slacker.com radio station while I was writing. 😀


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