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Cabo San Lucas

Our trips to Cabo San Lucas (both times) were all about the resort Playa Grande. The first time we stayed at the resort, we used it as a base and spent most of our time visiting the area. The second time we spent most of our time in the resort.

Cabo San Lucas is on the southern most tip of the Baja Peninsula. It’s full-on desert in that area, except where they water. And water they do. Playa Grande is far from the only resort set up in the area. From what I could see, most feature lavish gardens, beach access, and swimming pools.

The timeshare at La Playa Grande includes a kitchen. We hit the grocery store early and cooked many of our meals. That still left plenty of meals at restaurants both in and outside of the resort. The ones in the resort tended to run a bet expensive. The ones outside of it offered huge portions, but might include drunken revelers. at nearby tables.

It was well worth leaving the timeshare to eat and explore. They gave us a card which gave us a price break at many of the local attractions in exchange for listening to their sales pitch. On our first visit, we took full advantage.

Activities included horseback riding, a glass bottomed boat, ATV riding, a public beach as where we could swim as well as a resort beach with impressive sand, waves, and a riptide. We also spent a fair amount of time simply driving around to see the lay of the land.

The locals were, for the most part, friendly and helpful. There were a few moments when we got turned around and had to ask directions. Sometimes the locals could speak English. Sometimes we had to rely on my pathetic excuse for Spanish. One way or another, we always managed to get back to the timeshare without too much trouble.

The second time, we skipped the sales pitch and the local attractions, and spent most of our time wandering around within the resort. There was plenty to keep us occupied.

First, we were placed in a unit in an exclusive section of the resort called The Ridge. This is an actual ridge. From the side our unit was on, you can look into the bay. From the other side you could see the beach and the sea.

To get to The Ridge you have to take an elevator that is activated by the same keycard that opens the unit door. On the ridge is a set of five swimming pools, one with a complete bar including swim-up stools and a cabana with the best wifi in the place. You could get wifi in the units, but it wasn’t as good a signal and costs extra.

The Ridge is not for those who don’t like heights. The pools tend to cling to the cliffs (as you could see in the top picture). You have to walk though a lofty breezeway from the elevators to the rest of The Ridge. There were incredible views everywhere.

People who have access to The Ridge are also welcome to the rest of the main facility. That opens up to many gardens and some spectacular architecture. Although I never indulged, there is a mini-golf course, and a full spa available for an extra charge. The gardens wend their way down to the beach.

It’s a very nice place to stay, but don’t buy the timeshare and be prepared for the hardsell.

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